Yrjö Kallinen

Finnish politician

Yrjö Henrik Kallinen (15 June 1886, Oulu - 1 January 1976) was a Finnish railwayman, cooperative movement functionary and politician. He was imprisoned from 1918 to 1921 for having sided with the Finnish Socialist Workers' Republic during the Finnish Civil War. From 27 March 1946 to 29 July 1948, Kallinen served as Minister of Defence of Finland. He was a member of the Parliament of Finland from 1945 to 1948, representing the Social Democratic Party of Finland (SDP)

Yrjö Kallinen in 1966


  • I promised to myself that I will never again obey anyone or any authority, government, gods or angels in anything else than in what I accept as the right or the best possible thing to do.
  • Humanity could live in peace - but it doesn't, because from the cradle we are taught to compete and fight, win, dominate and kill each other. These lessons and the world view behind them becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy: a state of affairs is created where you have to compete, fight and kill.
  • I will devote one third of my essence to the cooperative movement. But two thirds belong to humanity and myself. I will always practice new things, everything between heaven and earth. But a third I'm happy to give: and the rest two thirds supports greatly everything I can give to the cooperative movement.
  • Becoming aware, awakening, enlightenment, is possible right here and now, for everyone. From moment to moment, and yet only here and now, never sometimes, somewhere. Reality, God, is present here and now. The kingdom of heaven, blessedness, moksha, nirvana waits here and now. Outwardly nothing may happen, and yet a purely inner process can open up a new world, a new life, a new reality. - New? - Yes, really new, and yet as all those who have ever experienced it assert, at that moment we know that we have always been at home in that world, although we only now become aware of it.

Quotes about Kallinen

  • The man receives four death sentences - yet lives nearly 90 years. He hadn't been to schools - yet he was as well learned and wise as the best professors. A great and confident man - yet modest and humble. He had friends from near and far - yet he was an independent lone wolf. Zen buddhist - yet a member of the Lutheran Church. Socialist - yet many capitalists were friends to him.
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