Youth activism

Youth engagement in community organizing for social change

Youth activism is the participation in community organizing for social change by persons between the ages of 15–24. Different from past protest or advocacy, technology has become the backbone to many of these modern youth movements. Popular applications like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube have become the newest tools for young activist in the 21st century. Technology and the use of digital media has changed the way youth participate in activism globally, and youth are more active in media than older generations.

Child and youth activists protesting at a demonstration in Hong Kong in December 2005

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  • Youth interest in civic engagement is soaring among the generation that the global volunteering nonprofit Points of Light says was already the most active in history. More than half (53%) of Generation Z individuals said they wanted to get more involved in their communities post-COVID, which was higher than any other generation, according to a 2020 Points of Light survey. “If there is something that is harming us directly, we should be the ones to take charge,’’ said Isaiah Llamas, a recent high school graduate who helped facilitate a spring youth leadership session in Albuquerque. The New Mexico meeting was one of six around the nation co-hosted and funded by America’s Promise Alliance, a national network of groups working to improve conditions for young people... Young people – and adults who support them – say they’re trying to use the pandemic as an opportunity to organize, connect and plan for a better future.
    “Our generation is more aware and takes the time to understand each other and advocate for diversity, and not division,” said Deyona Burton, senior class president at Robert E. Lee High School in Jacksonville, Florida, and founder of SPEAR (Showing Political Engagement and Responsibility), a youth-led social and political action group.

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