Yo soy Bea

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Yo soy Bea is a Spanish (Telecinco) adaptation of the Colombian telenovela Yo soy Betty, la fea ("I am Betty, the ugly").


Originally in Spanish- Roughly translated

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How Bea opens her blog entries
Bea Pérez Pinzón: Dear Ugly Ones...

Episode 79Edit

Blog entry
Bea Pérez Pinzón: I, too, ask myself many times why I do all of this, Ugly ones. The only answer that occurs to me is for love. I know my boss and his fiancée can be happy together. And I... I can only sacrifice my own happiness for love, because I love him so much and I know he wouldn't be happy with me.

Episode 88Edit

Blog entry
Bea Pérez Pinzón: Any woman who is as much in love as I am would be looking for a way to get closer, Ugly Ones. But I am not any woman, I'm more timid than a nun in a strip club.

Episode 149Edit

Álvaro has unknowingly given lingerie to Bea as her Valentine's day present
Bea Pérez Pinzón:It's just...I never have received something like this before.
Álvaro Aguilar: Really? I thought your life was much more exciting than that.
Bea Pérez Pinzón: And why would you think that?!
Álvaro Aguilar: Well, you seemed like a woman who would like toys and all that stuff.
Bea has a horrified expression
Álvaro Aguilar: Are you okay?
Bea Pérez Pinzón: It's just... I don't know what to do with this!

Episode 183Edit

Bea has been hypnotized and announces her love for Álvaro publicly

Bea Pérez Pinzón: The man I love is named Álvaro. Álvaro Aguilar. The man I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Episode 183Edit

Bea Pérez Pinzón: If you could cook, too, you would be the perfect man.
Álvaro Aguilar: Excuse me, dear, but I can make a Spanish omelet that is shrouded in mystery.
Bea Pérez Pinzón: In mystery?
Alvaro stands up and removes his jacket
Álvaro Aguilar: Bloody hell! You'll see!

Episode 194Edit

Álvaro Aguilar: Do you hate me?
Bea Pérez Pinzón: How could I hate you? When I love you so much it hurts.

Álvaro Aguilar: Bea?
Bea Pérez Pinzón: What?
Álvaro Aguilar: I love you. I love you with all my heart.
Bea Pérez Pinzón: I love you, too.

Episode 197Edit

Blog entry
Bea Pérez Pinzón: Now that I know the truth I regret so many things, but especially opening my heart to him and writing down everything I feel for him in the book I gave him for Valentine's Day. My only consolation is that, knowing what a dirty rascal he is, he must have gotten rid of the book, which is probably lying in a dustbin now, the very place where my heart can also be found.

Episode 198Edit

Gonzalo has found a diary in which Álvaro has written loving words for Bea

Gonzalo de Soto: Álvaro, tell me you didn't write this.
Álvaro doesn't respond
Gonzalo de Soto: You're crazy. Don't tell me my greatest fear has come true. Are you in love with Bea?

Episode 202Edit

Álvaro Aguilar: Benito, I counted eight sighs in less than a minute. What's the matter with you?
Benito Lozano: The oldest story in the world Álvaro.
Álvaro Aguilar: What?
Benito Lozano: I'm in love.
Álvaro Aguilar: Congratulations.

Álvaro Aguilar: [drunkenly] I need you. I love you very much, Bea. And I will do everything so that she won't leave me.
Bea Pérez Pinzón: Don Álvaro, I've already told you, I'm only your secretary.
Álvaro Aguilar: No, you're much more that that. And you know it.

Episode 219Edit

Álvaro Aguilar: I'm going to go in there and tell her that yes I lied to her but I love her.
Gonzalo de Soto: What?! Wait a minute! Let's see if I understand. You are going to go in there and tell Bea that for months and I repeat months you have been lying to her and laughing at her.
Álvaro Aguilar: Yes!

Episode 221Edit

Álvaro Aguilar: Do you remember the night in the shed? Do you think that was a lie?
Bea Pérez Pinzón: Of course.
Álvaro Aguilar: Everything I told you that night was true. At that time it was already true. It was the most beautiful thing that had ever happened to me. It's when I realized what I had felt before hadn't been love. Love is what I feel now for you. I don't want to lose you.

Episode 248Edit

Bea Pérez Pinzón: I don't believe you anymore.
Álvaro Aguilar: This is last time I'll tell you how I feel. I'll never tell you again that I love you.
Bea Pérez Pinzón: Good, because I could never open my heart to you again.

Episode 249Edit

Bea Pérez Pinzón: I'm going to bed.
Álvaro Aguilar: Me, too.
Bea Pérez Pinzón: No! Do you think you're sleeping here?
Álvaro Aguilar: I was looking around and it turns out there's only one bed. Do you know why? Because this is the bridal suite!
Álvaro lays on the bed
Bea Pérez Pinzón: Sleep in the bathtub.
Álvaro Aguilar: No, you!

Episode 252Edit

Cayetana de la Vega: You're with [Bea], aren't you?
Álvaro Aguilar: Not any more, but yes, we had a relationship.
Cayetana de la Vega: A relationship? What kind of relationship?
Álvaro Aguilar: A romantic relationship.
Cayetana de la Vega: You were with her? When? While you where with me?
Álvaro does not respond
Cayetana de la Vega: Álvaro, tell me this is a lie, please.
Álvaro shakes his head
Cayetana de la Vega: How could you sleep with her? It was all a game for you? Did you have an ugly girl missing from your collection? It's morbid fascination for you, isn't it?
Álvaro Aguilar: Steady on!
Cayetana de la Vega: What do you mean steady on?! You just confessed to cheating on me with that woman and you tell me to steady on!

Episode 256Edit

Gonzalo de Soto: I'm sorry my love I went to bed with you in order to manipulate you, but if it comforts you, later I fell in love with you.

Episode 409Edit

Bea Pérez Pinzón: Álvaro, Diego is your brother.
Diego de la Vega: Surprise!

Episode 472Edit

Bea Pérez Pinzón: Nothing you're going to say in thirty seconds is going to change two years.
Álvaro Aguilar: In those two years, there was a lot of truth and a lot of love.

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