Yasmine Mohammed

Canadian human rights activist and author

Yasmine Mohammed is an ex-Muslim Canadian an advocate for women's rights and author known for critique of Islam and activist against Islamist extremism as well as activist against World Hijab Day.


  • "....I grew up in a world where feminism was all around me like a beacon of hope cutting through the opposing ideas I was being taught at home....
At home I was taught that, as nine years old, I needed to wear a hijab to protect myself from men who wanted to molest me.
From my society, I learned that’s called victim-blaming.
At home I was taught that good, pure, clean girls wore hijab and filthy, loose, despicable girls did not.
From my society, I learned that was called slut-shaming.
Given the choice between those two worlds, I eventually chose to break free."

  • “...celebrate the women who have defied socialcensure and the state to remove the hijab..." [1]
  • "...No Hijab Day is a day to support brave women across the globe who want to be free from the hijab. Women who want to decide for themselves what to wear or what not to wear on their heads. Women who fight against either misogynist governments that will imprison them for removing their hijab or against abusive families and communities that will ostracize, abuse and even kill them.[2]
  • "...It will be difficult for Western women who wore hijab on Hijab Day, at the Women’s March,...not feel shame....how you’ve betrayed women, We all deserve freedom...not just you....STOP supporting our subjugation #FreeFromHijab"
  • "....Maybe they should read the whole Quran as well. It would be impossible for anyone with the slightest bit of empathy to read the Quran and—at the end of it—say that: “Islam is a religion of peace.” But people are generally good, and, if Muslims sat down with the Quran, translated it into their own language and read it, they would be horrified. They would not want to identify with whatever religion teaches these kinds of atrocious things. But most of them don’t even know what that book says. ..."

Unveiled: How Western Liberals Empower Radical Islam

  • "...“What I was not prepared for was the tsunami of just hate and pushback and disdain that would come from people I thought were my people: people that believed in enlightenment values, Western values, and liberal values...”[3]

M 103

  • "......M-103 wasn't around when I was a child, but its premise of Islamophobia is what caused a judge to send me back to my severely abusive family when I was 13 years old. He knew my family had hung me upside down in the garage and whipped the bottoms of my feet, but he sent me back anyway. He sent me back because, as he explained it, different cultures have different ways of disciplining their children. If only I had been born with white skin, then that judge would have deemed me worth protecting. But, alas, I came from the wrong culture, so I was sent back....In his aim to be culturally sensitive, that judge ended up being incredibly bigoted. He treated me differently from all other Canadian kids because of my cultural background, and that is unacceptable...." ~ Yasmine Mohammed [4]

  • "...M-103 aims to quell bigotry against human beings..... . Unfortunately, M-103 is doing the exact opposite of its intent. .... Because it includes the word “Islamophobia”, that is not about protecting people, Muslims, but is rather about protecting the ideology, Islam...... M-103, with its mention of the word “Islamophobia” is quashing that natural and healthy desire to question and learn and understand....The antidote to bigotry and fear is education, but M-103 is telling Canadians, no, you have no right to question, criticize, or fight against this ideology....You must bite your tongue...You must turn the other cheek...You must smile and nod...

About Yasmine Mohammed

  • "....Many apologists for Islam have claimed “Muslims are the true feminists” or “Islam is a religion of peace,” and it is certainly possible to have Muslims who are feminists, and the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful people. Many verses in the Quran and Hadith support women and peace. But Yasmine’s story reveals that anyone pushing those narratives without acknowledging that much of Islamic doctrine does the opposite is either ignorant or dishonest...."

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