Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Ugandan-born British journalist and author

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown FRSL (née Damji; born 10 December 1949) is a British journalist and author. A columnist for the i newspaper and the Evening Standard and formerly for The Independent, she is a commentator on immigration, diversity, and multiculturalism issues.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in 2016.

She is a founding member of British Muslims for Secular Democracy. She is also a patron of the SI Leeds Literary Prize.

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  • Eighty per cent of our newspapers are anti-PC. There is no area that is not up for discussion. I do not believe that people go around on their tiptoes afraid to offend women or ethnic minorities. But we have become worse at the exchange of ideas. We are not good any more at having really honest debates without upsetting people. We have become very good at abusive, hysterical exchanges and less good at intelligent debate. We do need to develop a healthy trade in ideas.

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