Yang Li

Chinese stand-up comedian

Yang Li (Simplified Chinese: 杨笠; pinyin: yáng lì; born 1992) is a Chinese stand-up comedian and scriptwriter. Tackling controversial gender issues with humour and sarcasm, she received outpouring support as well as overwhelming backlash, stirring up a fierce online debate. Male netizens have accused Yang of "sexism" and "man-hating", provoking gender opposition and promoting hatred against men. Critics have characterised Yang and her followers as unreasonable feminists who demand privilege, while supporters defend Yang to be articulating the female perspective silenced in a patriarchal society.

Quotes edit

  • To be honest, I thought at first that it was an advantage for women to stand alone, because the most important thing for actors is to have their own labels on stage, and actresses carry their own labels. My image on stage has always been that of a girl who is single, who wants to fall in love and who is not particular about being particular.
  • My mother never urged me to have a blind date again. She felt that if a man wanted to marry me, it might just be more convenient for him to beat me. In this world, all girls will get sympathy when they encounter domestic violence.
  • It wasn't until I saw the comments that I realised some people reacted aggressively towards my performance. It kind of scared me. I felt like I was dragged into a war I didn't start. I'm only trying to be funny. In fact, in the same performance, I also ridiculed women for being emotional, but I didn't receive any hateful comments or threats from female netizens. Women have most likely become used to their stereotypical weakness being made fun of, while men have heard so few jokes like this before.

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