Yaghma Golrouee

Persian songwriter, writer and poet

Yaghma Golrouee (July 28, 1975 , Urmia) is an Iranian poet, songwriter, and translator.



" Imagine if even

it is difficult to imagine

A world in which each person is truly fortunate, fortunate

Imagine a world where money and power are not worth

anti-riot police is not the answer for unison

it has no nuclear weapon, no bombers, no mortars

no child leaves his leg on the land mine

all are free, totally free, all have no pain, no pain

you do not read in newspapers, the whales have committed suicide

Imagine a world without hatred and gunpowder

No cruelty of arrogant, no fear and idolatrous

Imagine a world filled with smile and freedom

filled with the flowers and kisses, filled with repeated prosperity

Imagine if even

its imagination is a crime

Imagine a world in which the prison is a legend

all the wars of the world are included in ceasefire

nobody is the master of the world

the people are all equal

each person will share in each single seed of wheat

without borders and limitations, home country is the whole world

Imagine you can

be the interpretation of this dream