Xavier Sala-i-Martin

Spanish economist

Xavier Sala-i-Martin (also Sala-i-Martin in English) was born on June 17, 1962 in Cabrera de Mar, Catalonia, Spain and is a Spanish-American economist, and a professor at Columbia University.

Xavier Sala-i-Martin, 2009

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  • The last chapter modeled technological progress as an increase in the number of types of products, N. In this chapter, we allow for improvements in the quality or productivity of each type. This approach has come to be known as the Schumpeterian approach to endogenous growth. We can think of increases in N as basic innovations that amount to dramatically new kinds of goods or methods of production. In contrast, increases in the quality of the existing products involve a continuing series of improvements and refinements of goods and techniques.
    • Robert J. Barro, Xavier Sala-i-Martin, Economic growth 2nd ed. (2004), Ch. 7 : Technological Change: Schumpeterian Models of Quality Ladders
  • It is commonly agreed that Keynes came up with the idea that public works are the best way to help the economy during a recession.
    As a result, Keynesian economists seem to have developed a blind faith in the government in general, and in the system of public works in particular.
    I do not share the same faith in the government.
    I do not share the same faith in public works.

    And this may help explain why.

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