X-Men: Children of the Atom (arcade game)

1994 video game

X-Men: Children of the Atom is an acclaimed Capcom video game from 1994. Some of these quotes later found their way into the Marvel vs. Capcom series of fighting games.

Akuma (Secret Character) Edit

Winning Quotes Edit

  • I am the master warrior!
  • Your powers are nothing to me!
  • You are not worthy to face me!
  • You almost provided a challenge!
  • You made an effort at least, pathetic as it was!
  • My ability to win is genetic!
  • Is that all you can do?
  • Your ridiculous abilities are no match for me!
  • Your powers can't compare to my skill!
  • You fool, you have no chance of defeating me!

Colossus Edit

  • My parents were human, Magneto. Earth was their home and they loved it as truly as they loved their children. I could not betray their memory.
  • [to Professor X] I want to train harder, Professor. I have to be able to protect those I care for. I must not lose anyone else.

Winning Quotes Edit

  • [vs. self] A mere hologram cannot defeat Colossus!
  • Rest, tovarisch. We will try again later.
  • So, comrade--care to go another round?
  • Your power is almost the equal of my own!
  • Now you know what it feels like to battle the X-men!
  • Be thankful I was pulling my punches!
  • I see you have learned lessons from Professor X well.
  • You fight valiantly, you are no match for Colossus!

Cyclops Edit

  • [to Magneto] The dream hasn't failed. Human and mutants will find a way to exist peacefully.

Winning Quotes Edit

  • [vs. self] There's only room for one Cyclops!
  • You call yourself an X-men? Next time, prove it!
  • Good effort. You'll do the X-men proud.
  • Power isn't everything, friend!
  • I'd tangle with the X-men only if I wanted to lose!
  • You were tougher than I thought. I'll remember that!
  • I don't lead the X-men for nothing!
  • Never mess with an X-man!
  • Given your rep, I expected more of a fight!

Iceman Edit

Winning Quotes Edit

  • [vs. self] I guess that'll teach me a thing or two!
  • Let's see how you like being on ice for a while!
  • When I say 'chill out' pal, I mean it!
  • I hope you're not a sore loser!
  • A little too cold for ya, huh?
  • Losing is definitely your strong point!
  • That was close--but I still left you in the cold!
  • How about putting up a fight next time, huh?

Juggernaut (Sub-Boss) Edit

Winning Quotes Edit

  • Of course I've won, nothing can stop the Juggernaut!
  • Next time, bring your little friends!
  • That's what you get for standing in my way!
  • Better luck next time, loser!
  • Stomping you was a waste of my time!
  • You X-clowns just don't get it, do you?
  • Let's see what happens when you make me real mad.

Magneto (Final Boss) Edit

  • [pre-fight dialogue] You dare rise against me? The human era is over. The mutant era has come!
  • [winning final round] You are beaten. Magneto is supreme!

Winning Quotes Edit

  • The game is ended--but next time, I will show no mercy!
  • A pity you have chosen to stand against Magneto!
  • Xavier's dream is not the way, X-man!
  • You try my patience, little mutant!
  • Now you will understand the true meaning of power!
  • Where I lead our people, you are not worthy to follow!
  • What did you hope to accomplish, whelp?

Omega Red Edit

  • At last. I shall be free of this cursed existence!
  • You humans would harm your master?! I will not tolerate it!

Winning Quotes Edit

  • [vs. self] There can be only one Omega Red!
  • You are beneath my notice, worm!
  • You heroes never learn, do you?
  • You should feel honored to be destroyed by me!
  • Did you believe your pitiful powers could defeat me?
  • Well fought--but not nearly well enough!
  • I cannot be destroyed by the likes of you!
  • Bah! I have no time to waste on such a weak opponent.

Psylocke Edit

  • Magneto's goals were noble, but he became a monster to achieve them. Then the goals didn't matter anymore. His lust for world domination consumed him.
  • [while filming] I wonder if I could ever go back to this life? I must admit, it does feel good.

Winning Quotes Edit

  • [vs. self] There is only one Psylocke!
  • Next time, I suggest you try fighting back.
  • How considerate of you to stand still while I defeat you.
  • Call me again when you are serious!
  • Your skills grow with experience--but not enough for me!
  • You've lost, but you've proven yourself.
  • Your skills don't compare to mine!
  • You fought well, but you are still outclassed!

Sentinel Edit

  • Sentinel manufacture is complete. Commence termination of all known mutants. Begin program.
  • Program complete. Target mutants have been eliminated. New program initiated. To prevent mutant reoccurrence, humans must be controlled. Begin program.

Winning Quotes Edit

  • [vs. self] Faulty unit has been terminated.
  • Subject eliminated, minimal force required.
  • Mission completed. Unit in need of repairs.
  • Superior programming ensures victory.
  • Resistance is futile, mutant.
  • Objective accomplished, target neutralized.
  • Target's offensive abilities were minor.
  • You have been neutralized.

Silver Samurai Edit

  • Even in death he is powerful. I wish that our destinies had not brought us to this Magneto. You would have been a worthy ally.
  • Serve me well and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams!

Winning Quotes Edit

  • [vs. self] Obviously a feeble copy of a true master!
  • You cannot defeat a true samurai!
  • You have fallen before the might of my victorious blade!
  • You are an unworthy opponent!
  • You wear defeat well, you must have much practice!
  • You are unfit to face the power of the Silver Samurai!
  • I have no time waste on you, gai-jin!
  • Your lack of discipline is obvious to all!

Spiral Edit

Winning Quotes Edit

  • [vs. self] There can never be another Spiral!
  • Your powers are a joke to me!
  • You're lucky to have escaped with your life!
  • I only need one arm to defeat the likes of you!
  • Pay attention next time, or the results will be the same!
  • Not bad--you X-men lose better than anyone else I know!
  • So much spirit, so little skill!
  • Consider this to be a warning!

Storm Edit

Winning Quotes Edit

  • Learn from your defeat, child.
  • Bright lady, I am victorious!
  • You cannot withstand the elemental fury of Storm!
  • Next time, I would hope you would give more of a challenge!
  • Technology is no match for the power of the elements!
  • Goddess, you nearly defeated me!
  • you will do no more harm!
  • A noble try, next time we may see a different outcome.

Wolverine Edit

Winning Quotes Edit

  • [vs. self] Yer just a pale imitation, bub.
  • I've scrapped with the best, pal, and you ain't it!
  • Nice try, bub, but I'm still the best there is at what I do!
  • That's the best you can do?
  • You gotta fight harder than that, rookie!
  • Thanks bub, I needed the workout.
  • Next time I won't even have to unsheathe my claws.
  • Yer gettin' better, kid--but yer not there yet!

Dialogue Edit

Magneto: [as the Acolytes come to his aid] Humans are not worth saving, Peter. They killed your family.
Colossus: You are no better, Magneto.
Magneto: I fight to protect my people. Join me and help us prevent the same tragedy from happening to others.
Colossus: I will not join you, Magneto. My place is with the X-men.
Magneto: Then leave me to my fate.

Colossus: I want to train harder, Professor. I have to be able to protect those I care for. I must not lose anyone else.
Professor X: I understand. Your training begins now, Peter.

Magneto: [as the Acolytes come to his aid] You still fight for Xavier's failed dream. Join me, Scott. Together, we shall conquer humankind!
Cyclops: The dream hasn't failed. Human and mutants will find a way to exist peacefully.
Magneto: You're just like that fool Xavier. Begone! I would rather perish alone than be in your weak willed presence.

Magneto: [as the Acolytes come to his aid] Fool! You destroyed all hope for mutant superiority!
Iceman: No, you're the fool, Magneto, believing you could change the world through violence.
Magneto: It matters little. Avalon is destroyed and my dreams along with it.
Iceman: Stay if you want. I'm outta here!

Magneto: [as the Acolytes come to his aid] Why have you done this? My fight was not with you.
Omega Red: Your fight means nothing to me. I am here because you have something I require. It's called a 'Carbonadium Synthesizer'. I've searched for years to find it and now I'm told it's here."
Magneto: Then it has all been a waste. I know nothing of such a device."
Omega Red: I didn't think you'd cooperate, so I'll just have to tear this place apart until I find it. Starting here!!"

Psylocke: [as the Acolytes come to aid Magneto] Magneto, you are defeated. Avalon is collapsing.
Magneto: This is my home. I shall not leave it. Stay only if you would perish with me.
Psylocke: What?! You must be insane!
Magneto: Begone!

Psylocke: Magneto's goals were noble, but he became a monster to achieve them. Then the goals didn't matter anymore. His lust for world domination consumed him.
Storm: It is unfortunate, Psylocke, but it was his decision.
Psylocke: A decision that affected us all.
Wolverine: Enough yapping. Let's go home.
Psylocke: Philosophical as always, friend Logan.

Magneto: [as the Acolytes come to his aid] Too much depends on me. I will not be beaten by some twisted human tool."
Sentinel: Target's defenses have failed. Proceed with capture.
Magneto: Machine, you do not know me very well, do you? I'll destroy Avalon and myself before I let you take us. You will never harm another mutant!
Sentinel: Structural integrity of station 'Avalon' has been breached. Escape necessary.

Magneto: [as the Acolytes come to his aid] You are a mutant. You could have had a place in Avalon and let the humans burn. Why do you oppose me?
Silver Samurai: You are an honorable man Magneto, but your dream would have destroyed my clan and all we have built.
Magneto: How can you put the welfare of one group above the survival of mutantkind?
Silver Samurai: My loyalty is to the Yashida Clan. It is a matter of honor. Goodbye great one.

Wolverine: It never fails. I can't spend three days in this country without running into one of you jokers.
Silver Samurai: You have interfered with me too often Wolverine. I will no longer tolerate it!
  • [If Silver Samurai defeats Wolverine]
Silver Samurai: Is that the best you can do Gaijin? All who oppose the Yashida clan will fall before me!
  • [If Wolverine defeats Silver Samurai]
Wolverine: Thanks for the exercise. Where to next? I hear Madripoor is nice this time of year.

Magneto: [as the Acolytes come to his aid] Why do you do this? My world means nothing to you.
Spiral: You forget, I work for Mojo T.V. Don't feel bad Magneto. Just think of the ratings.
Magneto: I've fought my whole life to build a future for mutants. I won't have it destroyed for your sport.
Spiral: Smile, Magneto. Time for the grand finale!
Magneto: No! I won't have my dream die like this!
Spiral: Sorry, it's my job. Is it my fault I enjoy it?

Mojo: Welcome home my pretty slave. How was work today?
Spiral: Not bad... pain, mass destruction, guaranteed top ratings.
Mojo: Oh, I'm so pleased. Perhaps I shall clone them all and make a sequel!
Spiral: I've got an even better idea. Something big... a spectacular crowd pleasing multi-media event that the whole family will love!
Mojo: Yes! Yes! Tell me more!
Spiral: It's called... the fall of Earth!!
Mojo: Ooh! It's daring, it's risky. I love it!
Spiral: I knew you'd like it.
Mojo: Quick, let's start working on the contract!
Spiral: There are so many 'hero's' there. We could go for at least 5 seasons, before we even think about re-runs.

Magneto: [as the Acolytes come to his aid] Do you really believe humans will accept you? It's a fool's hope.
Storm: I would rather follow my dreams than your mad obsessions.
Magneto: Our dreams are more similar than you think, Storm.
Storm: Farewell Magneto. I leave you to your obsessions as Avalon collapses around you.
Magneto: Goodbye Storm. I leave you to your fool's dream.

Psylocke: What happened to Magneto?
Storm: He's gone. He was a great man on the wrong path.
Cyclops: He had a choice, it was more than his victims had.
Storm: Perhaps...

Wolverine: [as the Acolytes come to aid Magneto] It's over bub! You can either come with, or I can drag ya... it's your choice!
Magneto: You can still join me Wolverine. Help me protect mutantkind.
Wolverine: Save the speeches Maggie. You're through.
Magneto: Then leave now. Avalon will not last much longer.