Wolverine the long night

scripted podcast from Marvel Comics

Wolverine: The Long Night

Logan/Wolverine -

Shoulda cut your head off instead.

Heard you've been askin' round about me. Don't.

(Logan's letter to his ex, Maureen Conners) Maureen, I'm not much for writing letters. I'm not much for sayin' sorry, either, but... here I am. I hated New Orleans because of all the bodies; all the noise, you know that. But I also hated it because of all the cameras. Someone was always watching. Cameras on cell phones; cameras on traffic lights; cameras in every store. They're gonna find me. Weapon X is going to find me, I said that from the beginning, right? I'm their property, I'm their investment. From the moment I escaped, they've been hunting for me. I guarantee it. I should've told you I was leaving, but what happened... it happened fast. The shooter started working his way through the French Quarter... killing for the sake of killing. I-I heard the gunshots from a bar, I should've walked away. But people were screaming and running and trampling over each other, I couldn't stop myself, I took off his head. And sure enough... the cameras were watching. The footage the news ran was blurry but it was enough. I knew Weapon X would hear about it because they hear about everything. I knew they'd be coming. I knew they would find me and when they did there'd be more killing. I got enough blood on my hands to fill a reservoir. You know what really convinced me to go? Came back home and found you asleep... it was hot, remember? You weren't wearing anything but underwear and layin' on top of the sheets. And you know what my mind did? I saw... every organ, every vertebra, every nerve, every artery, every bone. Every way to hurt you. That's how I look at everybody, you know. Doesn't matter if it's a shooter in the French Quarter or a kid eating ice cream on a park bench... or even you, Maureen. That's how I understand people best. As things that scream and bleed. Things that can be taken apart; it's just the way I am hard-wired. There's no turning it off. That's when I knew I had to run, alone. Not just because my ugly mug was all over the news, but because of you, because of the hurt that I am capable of. You know, I'm not gonna tell you where I went. But been here going on a month, started a job on a boat. It ain't bad. Spendin' most of my time in the woods, though. Suits me because there's no people, sure. But there's also no right or wrong. No morality, no hate, either. And no regret. No wrong choices. See, the best way for me to protect others is to... keep away from them. I don't know, maybe I'm foolin' myself. But I can't help but think that if I work hard enough and run fast enough... I'll escape... them; Weapon X... and myself. Sometimes I wake up naked in the woods with the taste of blood in my mouth. Blood on my hands. my brain pulsing... and I think, "What have you done? Logan, what have you done?"

Wolverine: The Lost Trail

Logan/Wolverine - You wanna find out? (SNIKT) You wanna try your luck?

(Logan's letter to Marcus)

Dear Marcus, First of all, don't think for a second I'm gonna pat you on the back and say you were brave and it was good getting to know you or any of that greeting card bull. Because I ain't. But I will say, thanks. Takes a lotta guts to go after your mom like you did. Takes even more guts to do it right. Yeah, you're a human garbage disposal and you won't shut up and you're annoying as hell, but you weren't the worst partner I ever had. I'm glad I met you. Look, I know you're hung up on not having powers. But there's more important things that claws or being able to fly, you know. You're a good kid, Marcus. We need more people in the world like you. And I'd break the neck of anybody who says otherwise. I know wherever you and your mom are headed to next, Rayville, Garden District, Baton Rouge, you'll be fine wherever you end up. But if you need a compass... I'd point you to exactly where you are now. Greenhaven, that old place, or whatever's left of it... maybe something good can come out of it. Wyngarde's vision for the world... was terrible. But I think your mom had it right in Rayville. Mutants and humans living together, peacefully. People need a place where they can show the world a better way. That is something worth protecting. As for me... well, I got some work to do. Look, it's probably safer for you if we don't... see each other again. But who knows? Maybe I'll see you down the trail.