Without a Trace

television series

Without a Trace (2002-2009) is a television show about the Missing Persons Squad of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in New York City. CBS aired the final episode on May 19, 2009 and was cancelled after 7 seasons.

Season 1 Edit

Pilot [1.1] Edit

Jack: As you all know, we have a new member of the team joining us today—Martin Fitzgerald. Let's make sure we give him the frosty welcome that all rookies deserve.

Danny: Two years working white-collar in Seattle and he gets this assignment?
Samantha: Doesn't hurt to be Victor Fitzgerald's kid.
Danny: Mmm. No wonder he's smiling.
Samantha: Not a bad smile, either.

Jack: I was surprised that your father didn't call me about you.
Martin: I asked him to stay out of it. I don't want any preferential treatment.
Jack: Good, 'cause you're don't have anything to getting any.

Martin: I think he's sleeping with her. The way he talks about her and she's climbing that corporate ladder pretty quick.
Jack: He may be in love with her, but he's not sleeping with her. Never even thought about it.
[Martin shoots a questioning look at Jack.]
Jack: He's gay.
Martin: What, because he called her a 'fireball'?
Jack: No, 'cause he was checking you out.

[The team is watching a surveillance video.]
Vivian: What time was that taken?
Danny: 2:32 A.M.
Vivian: Where's she going?
Danny: Maybe it's a booty call.
Samantha: Your mind is always in the gutter. There was no call.
Danny: Tom Wilkins, 11:48.
Martin: In my experience, there's usually not a three-hour lag between the call and the, uh…delivery.

Jack: Hey, Frankie. How you doing?
Frankie: Ah, bum knee, too much alimony…Other than that, I'm peachy.

Birthday Boy [1.2] Edit

Danny: This would have never happened at Shea.
Vivian: It's so sad how bitter Mets fans are.

Martin: So, you want me here?
Jack: Break major protocol on the first day, that's what happens.
[Jack leaves.]
Martin: How long does it take to get out of his dog house?
Danny: Depends on the dog.
[Danny leaves.]
Samantha: Don't mind Danny. He's just, uh, marking his territory.

Jack: Look, I've worked hundreds of these cases and certain patterns develop. Now, I sorry that I not like the pattern, but I can't ignore them. You want to know what those patterns are? When a child goes missing, whoever claims to have seen them last is usually the one that took them; and if that person happens to be one of the parents, the incidence doubles. Now my gut says you're okay, but I don't know you. I'm trying to get to know you so that I can help you, but I can't help you unless you earn my trust.

[Martin has been fielding calls about the team's latest case, and marking locations on a map.]
Samantha: Lots of little red dots.
Martin: Phone's ringing every 15 seconds. Must be a lot of little brown-haired kids unaccounted for. Look, I know people are trying to be helpful but…for example, this lady? She keeps calling me. She's convinced that she saw Gabe on T.V. this morning ringing the bell to open the stock exchange.
Samantha: Trouble is, just when you think you've got every nutcase in America calling your number that's the exact moment you get a live one.
Martin: Well, one better come in soon, 'cause I'm running out of push-pins.

[Martin has just tackled a suspect, and they have both landed in a pond.]
Jack: Where did you learn that? White collar?
Martin: No, sixth grade swim class.

Samantha: Heard you got a little wet.
Martin: Been sweating my ass off in the doghouse.

He Saw, She Saw [1.3] Edit

Martin: So I've got three composites on our suspect.
Samantha: White, maybe not white. Brown-haired or balding. Bearded man with a mustache.
Danny: You got to love eyewitnesses. Me, I'll take an old-fashioned grainy security video any day of the week.

Jack: Well, the wife goes missing, the husband's the last one to see her. We don't need to talk about those percentages, do we?
Vivian: I love the way your brain works. Always goes to the darkside.

Samantha: He's in love with her.
Jack: Probably.
Samantha: Think Duncan knows?
Jack: Probably.
Samantha: Maybe a safe place for her to land. He's familiar. He's got just as much to lose as she does.
Jack: I don't know. She lost a child. If she was looking for an escape, she probably picked somebody that was completely separate from her real life.
Samantha: Is that from your infidelity handbook?
Jack: Chapter three.
Samantha: Well, I hate to contradict the book, but if you're wrong, it leaves Duncan plenty of motive.

Jeff Blye: Agent Malone, I would like it to be noted that my client is cooperating fully in this investigation.
Jack: Apart from hiding every crucial piece of information your client has been very cooperative and we'll be sure to make a note of that.

Between the Cracks [1.4] Edit

[Samantha is looking through Eve's modeling photos.]
Samantha: Eve Cleary as J-Lo. Eve Cleary as Britney. Who the hell are we looking for?

[Danny and Martin are discussing the condition of an apartment.]
Danny: Here's what eighteen hundred gets you in the city.
Martin: Aw, come on, they can't all be this bad.
Danny: You're right—most of the time the bathtub's in the kitchen.

Jack: Well, it's a big city out there. I think if you grow up here, you take it for granted.
Vivian: You're right.
Jack: Wonder how many girls are all like Eve? They come to this town full of hope but really, they're just these tiny pebbles that get thrown into a lake so big they barely leave a ripple. You know, it's amazing. Chet Collins is so desperate to find out anything about his son, but we can't find one person who noticed Eve was missing.
Vivian: Jack, about Chet Collins—I don't think you should give up.
Jack: Sometimes I wish I could.
Vivian: No, you don't. You're a hope junkie, like the rest of us.

Jack: Trevor Haines is a con artist. He read about your son's case on-line. He memorized some details and he made up the rest. He's done it before, Chet. Several times. I'm truly sorry.
Chet Collins: Feels like drowning, Jack…like drowning so slowly you don't even realize what's happening. Well, I-I have to go. I can't let Sean go, but…you know, each time…each time I'm scared that I might not be able to hang on.
Jack: You can hang on to me.

Suspect [1.5] Edit

Judge Adderley: Gentlemen, I got to tell you, this guy Spaulding sounds like real scum. I hope you can put him away for the rest of his miserable life and I'll be glad to help you do that…as soon as you appear before me with constitutionally-obtained evidence. Now, just so you understand Agents Taylor and Malone, you may not enter a house without a search warrant under the flimsiest of exigent circumstances and then bootstrap that questionable entry into a fishing expedition for other evidence. [to Danny] And you, son—you had no right to continue the search after finding that dog. You had no right to open the photo album and you certainly had no right to remove it from the premises. And you have absolutely no right to an arrest warrant based on the photographs found therein. Make sense?

Jack: I meant what I said before, Graham. You care about these kids. That's why you took Andy under your wing. He was confused, vulnerable. You were the only one who understood him.
Graham Spaulding: Is that right?
Jack: I think so. But then he turned on you, didn't he? I know how that feels. Know how…painful that can be. You pour yourself into someone—your time, energy, and devotion. You give them everything they need to grow and then they just abandon you.
Graham Spaulding: Are you speaking from experience?
Jack: Sure. You love someone…you make love to someone…you give your life to them and then they don't even look at you.

Jack: I know about the other boy.
Graham Spaulding: What other boy?
Jack: This kid. The young, scrawny, frightened, lonely kid. The kid who only wanted love and approval. I know his pain. I know that boy.
Graham Spaulding: Do you?
Jack: Yes. I do. And I know that you want to put that boy out of his misery. You know, Graham, your father wasn't a strong man. He wasn't supportive man. He was a weak, cowardly, sadistic bastard. I know he used to touch you and I know you used to beg him to stop.
Graham Spaulding: You believe whatever you want. You don't know anything about my father.

Jack: You know, I've been giving something a lot of thought. It's occurred to me that…in some ways, I envy you.
Graham Spaulding: You envy me?
Jack: Yes. The power…that you have with those boys—what that must feel like.
Graham Spaulding: What boys?
Jack: Andy, Eric Lipinski, Robert Griffith. I know there have been others.
Graham Spaulding: There have been many.
Jack: Do me a favor, Graham. Tell me what it's like…the moment that you take them out. Tell me. You can see the terror in their eyes, right? You can feel their hearts racing. You can feel the cold sweat under your hands just before you stick the needle in. It must be such a rush. Martin, put the CD in.
[Martin plays the CD; Moby's "One of These Mornings" begins playing.]
Jack: Andy made this CD for Phoebe. He wanted her to think about him when he wasn't there. Is that what you wanted? Is that why you stole it? You wanted to think about him. Is it what you two listened to when you were together?
Graham Spaulding: No.
Jack: No, that's right, that's right. That's right, you never got a chance. You never got a chance to go back to him because he's still out there. He's waiting. It must be hard. It must be hard knowing that he's out there…waiting. The touch of his skin, the feel of him under you. I understand you, Graham, I do. I've been to that school. I've seen those beautiful boys. Their beautiful bodies…to hold all that innocence in your arms…to take…the power. It must be really frustrating knowing that Andy is out there waiting for you…waiting…waiting…waiting and you can't get back to him. You can't be with him one last time. But I tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to give you fifteen minutes with him, if you tell me where he is.
Graham Spaulding: You'd do that?
Jack: I'll give you fifteen minutes with him…alone. You can do whatever you want.
Graham Spaulding: Fifteen minutes.
Jack: Whatever you want.

[They find Andy]

Graham Spaulding: Agent Malone, do I get my fifteen minutes now?
Jack: Your fifteen minutes are over.

[Jack throws up after he walks away from Spalding]

Silent Partner [1.6] Edit

Jack: Five A.M.—Danny's up early.
Samantha: That's assuming he went to bed.

Jack: Great. Martin, you're on your way to San Diego to liaise with Danny.
Vivian: [to Martin] Don't forget your surf gear.
[Martin leaves.]
Vivian: Should we send a referee?
Jack: Nah, let 'em duke it out.

Jack: The boys just called from San Diego. Patrick hasn't lived in that corporate apartment for months.
Vivian: There's no hotel charges on his credit card statements.
Jack: Well, Mr. Brooks Brothers's not living out of his car.
Vivian: That's just it. He's only Mr. Brooks Brothers on the east coast. New York, he's Noble, Ralph Lauren, Tiffany's; but in San Diego, it's Denny's and discount outlets.
Jack: Two lives.

Danny: Somewhere far, far away, Martha Stewart weeps. Looks like our boy Patrick went to the mattresses.
[They knock on a door. A woman answers]
Danny: Hi. Sorry to bother you. We're with the FBI.
Martin: [holding up a photo] Have you seen this man before?
Amalia Kent: Yes. This is my husband.

Danny: A plane is not supposed to be in the sky. It's not natural.
Martin: Neither was that flight attendant and you weren't afraid of her.

Snatch Back [1.7] Edit

Little Big Man [1.8] Edit

In Extremis [1.9] Edit

Martin: Look, profiles aren't flawless but they exist for a reason. I mean, come on, we use them everyday.
Samantha: Oh, look, pediatrics. Maybe he's a pedophile too.

Midnight Sun [1.10] Edit

Jack: So what are you thinking?
Danny: He's got an ex-con working for him. Maybe this whole Laundromat, dry-cleaner thing is a front.
Jack: For what?
Danny: I don't know. Drugs, diamonds…illegal ferrets…

Maple Street [1.11] Edit

Underground Railroad [1.12] Edit

[Danny and Martin are watching a hospital surveillance video.]
Danny: We have a doctor, a man in a wheelchair, a pregnant woman that's not her…a fat guy in a robe, a nurse…
Martin: Is it important that you narrate?
Danny: You know, I'm sorry, I forgot…you can't think and listen at the same time, and…
Martin: That's pretty good for someone who can't think without speaking.

Hang On to Me [1.13] Edit

The Friendly Skies [1.14] Edit

Martin: She's having guy troubles, blows off her job, heads out for a night on the town. And that bar is a major pick up place.
Vivian: How would you know?
Martin: I hear things.

Martin: [Talking about Samantha and Eric Keller] Is there something going on between those two?
Danny: Used to be.
Martin: Really? That's her type, huh?
Danny: Hey, are you jealous?
Martin: Jealous? What, are you crazy?
Danny: Okay. Guess I'm crazy.

Samantha: You think it's easy being surrounded by guys with guns all day?
Martin: I thought you liked guys with guns.
Samantha: I like the guns.

Martin: Samantha…you, uh, you got time to grab a drink?
Samantha: Oh, I've…I—I told Keller I'd meet him. But, I mean, you're welcome to come with us if…
Martin: No, no, that's all right. No, you guys go ahead. Thanks.
Samantha: Okay, well, maybe some other time?
Martin: Yeah, some other time.

Danny: Morning, hot stuff.
Samantha: Good morning to you. Late night last night?
Danny: A man's got to do.
Samantha: Yeah? Who's the lucky?
Danny: I don't kiss and tell, you know that.

Martin: You and, uh, "Delia"—fuzzy boundaries.
Samantha: Well, that's how I like my relationships—nice and complicated.

There Goes the Bride [1.15] Edit

[Jack is talking to an auctioneer after his daughter's kidnapping.]
Jack: Why didn't you contact us when you got the call?
Mr. Beckworth: I thought I could handle it myself.
Jack: Yeah, with your extensive knowledge of selling Ming vases?

Martin: I guess love is blind. And deaf. And very, very dumb.
Jack: Spoken like a true romantic.
Martin: What? You going to tell me you still buy into it?
Jack: Sure, marriage, kids, the whole nine yards. [Martin looks skeptical] I didn't say I was good at it. I just said I was a fan.

Clare de Lune [1.16] Edit

Danny: I can understand why you want to be alone. It's nice here. Clare, I understand why you feel the way you do. I lost both my parents when I was eleven. We were driving somewhere and they were fighting. My dad was yelling at my mom. He used to like to yell at my mom. I wanted him to stop, so I said something. Then he turned around, and he yelled at me. That's when the car started to swerve. I never told anybody that. Ever. And I know what it's like to keep a secret. I didn't mean to do anything wrong that day. I was just a kid…

Kam Li [1.17] Edit

Martin: Hi, dad.
Victor Fitzgerald: So how's my boy doing? They giving him a hard time because of his old man?
Jack: I don't know, are we?
Martin: Constantly.

[Martin's father has just made a brusque exit.]
Jack: Didn't even wait for me to say, "Yes, sir."
Martin: He never does.

The Source [1.18] Edit

Jack: Who the hell's Hilary Duff?
Maria: Her, um…latest obsession.

Victory for Humanity [1.19] Edit

Martin: Why is it that no one in a walkup ever lives on the first two floors?
Danny: Vampires.
Martin: Really?
Danny: Yeah, they have all the lower apartments all to themselves.
Martin: No direct sunlight, right?
Danny: Exactly. Plus, they live to be 106 years old, so the apartments never turn around.
Martin: Oh, that's good to know.

No Mas [1.20] Edit

Danny: [to a suspect] That's 100 points for lying to a federal officer.
Samantha: Don't stop now, you almost have enough for the dinette set.

Danny: I gotta tell you, I don't understand why anyone would come all the way out here just to get in shape. I got 19 gyms a block away from my apartment…
Samantha: You also have three Gentleman's Clubs within walking distance.
Danny: Yes. I like a little variety in my workout.

Samantha: You train every waking hour, you get beat in the head for a living, all the money you win gets stolen by some corrupt manager, and the benefits are what? Getting to wear satin shorts to work?
Danny: Don't knock it 'til you try it.

Vivian: Buying a dream house, talking about starting a family… Doesn't sound like a guy who was planning to run.
Martin: Want to know the part I heard? This guy felt trapped by his life and he wanted a clean start.
Viv: You sound pretty convinced.
Martin: Just speaking from experience.

Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been? [1.21] Edit

Danny: How did he find out that I roughed up Radio, huh?
Martin: I didn't say a word about that.
Danny: Right.
Martin: Oh, come on, Danny, you only bragged to half the office about it. How the hell do you think he heard?

Danny: Good luck, man.
Martin: Thanks.
Danny: Martin…
[Martin turns around.]
Danny: When this is all over, and you and I are looking for our next gig, I just want you to know that I—I think we make a hell of a team.
Martin: What, selling shoes?
Danny: Shoes, boots, pumps, whatever.
Martin: Sounds good to me.

Fall Out (Part 1) [1.22] Edit

Fall Out (Part 2) [1.23] Edit

[Martin is on the phone with Jack, who is inside a bookstore with a suspect.]
Martin: I'll take care of it.
[Martin hangs up the phone and turns to the other agents.]
Martin: Jack wants us to send in a pizza.

Season 2 Edit

The Bus [2.1] Edit

Samantha: Do yourself a favor: don't get shot. It's not all it's cracked up to be.
Martin: I'll try my best.

Samantha: The kids are alright?
Martin: That's what Roger Daltry says.

Samantha: You know how you said we should get a drink sometime?
Martin: Yeah.
Samantha: I could really use a drink.
Martin: Well, nothing worse than a beautiful woman drinking alone.

[Vivian and Danny are watching Jack make a ransom drop.]
Vivian: Well, he certainly looks as if he's old enough to have teenage kids.
Danny: Definitely having a hard time with that bag.
Vivian: He says he's been working out. I guess $5 million bucks weighs a lot.

Martin: He's probably just protecting his kids.
Samantha: Yeah, remind me not to have any.
Martin: They don't all turn out to be psychopathic kidnappers, you know.
Samantha: Let me guess—2.2, white picket fence, golden retriever.
Martin: Yeah, maybe. Something like that.
Samantha: Not for me. Not in this world.

Revelations [2.2] Edit

Martin: This guy's an ex-con.
Danny: What?
[Martin holds out a box for Danny.]
Martin: Prison art.
Danny: What, did you do a nickel at Pelican Bay? 'Cause if you did, I'm going to be a whole lot nicer to you.

Confidence [2.3] Edit

Lucas Vohland:[To Martin, regarding Samantha] Is this your girlfriend?
Samantha: I'm his partner.
Lucas Vohland: You're a lot better looking than his last one.

Samantha: [regarding a golf cart] I'm driving.
Martin: No, I've seen you drive.
Samantha: I'm driving.
Martin: [grumbles] Oh, where's the airbag?

Jack: Smells like a brewery in here.
Martin: Yeah, you noticed?
Danny: What, is he still drunk?
Martin: Nah, he's just fairly hung over.

Prodigy [2.4] Edit

Copycat [2.5] Edit

Our Sons and Daughters [2.6] Edit

A Tree Falls [2.7] Edit

Trip Box [2.8] Edit

Moving On [2.9] Edit

Samantha: I mean, this woman spends less than I do.
Martin: You need to get out more often.
Samantha: Yeah, don't remind me.

Coming Home [2.10] Edit

Exposure [2.11] Edit

[Jack confronts Vivian about the Reyes shooting]
Jack: The report came back. [pauses] It cleared you both of any wrongdoing.

[Vivian remains still]

Jack: Vivian, I like working with you. But don't you ever lie to me again.

Hawks and Handsaws [2.12] Edit

Life Rules [2.13] Edit

The Line [2.14] Edit

Wannabe [2.15] Edit


Risen [2.16] Edit

Jack: So we have sex addiction combined with a simulated rape fetish. Then I've got to believe that somebody messed with this kid somewhere down the line. Father, brother, uncle, someone.

Gung Ho [2.17] Edit

Legacy [2.18] Edit

Doppelganger [2.19] Edit

Shadows [2.20] Edit

Two Families [2.21] Edit

Andrea Wilson: [about the relatives of the murdered couple] I don't judge them any more. They're caught up in all this. Just like we are.

Sam: Do you think Ricky is innocent?
Deames: I don't think he got a fair trial
Sam: That's not what I asked you.
Deames: I know.

Sam: I've known some people who've done things, things I've seen them do, that make me believe they deserve to die.
Deames: Okay, let's say these people do exist. Do you really want to be responsible for deciding, out of all of these criminals, who lives and who dies? Trouble is, nobody asked you. Because in this state, it's the Law that decides. It's the police officers and the district attorneys and the judges and they're human. When they're biased or corrupt or just lazy mistakes are made and people will die. And some of those people will be innocent.

[both are silent]

Deames: I can see you have more faith in the system than I do.
Sam: Guess so.

[As they are walking down Death Row]
Guard: They transfer them here a week before execution. After that, no letters, cards or phone calls. 24 hour suicide watch.
Danny: Suicide watch? No kidding.

Jack: Your state's about to execute someone. What's wrong with a little attention?

The Season [2.22] Edit

Lost & Found [2.23] Edit

[Jack Malone and Samantha Spade awkwardly discuss his departure, and their old relationship. They speak quietly.]
Sam: In another world, maybe....
Jack: Maybe...

[There is a long pause.]

Jack: I'm sorry if I ever hurt you.
Sam:[pauses] Me too.

Martin: Yeah. Well, I guess old feelings die hard.
Samantha: They don't die. They just fade, and then you feel bad that they faded…because you wonder…you wonder what they meant when you had them.
Martin: Well, I guess if they didn't fade, there…there wouldn't be room for new ones.
Samantha: No, I guess there wouldn't.

Bait [2.24] Edit

Samantha: Damn, you are good.
Martin:[smiles] You just noticed?

Martin: I'd like to say that you're smarter than you looked but then I'd be lying.

Sam: Hey Martin?
Martin: Yeah?
Sam: Wanna share a cab?
Martin:[gesturing in the opposite direction] I live uptown.
Sam: Yeah, I know.

Season 3 Edit

In the Dark [3.1] Edit

Samantha: Well, you just got your head handed to you.
Martin: Wouldn't be the first time.
Samantha: I guess some things around here won't change to much, huh?
Martin: I was thinking some things will though.
Samantha:What do you mean?
Martin: I mean you and me....We sort of got interrupted this morning.
Samantha: Yeah, we did.
Martin: I'll walk out ahead of you.

Thou Shalt Not [3.2] Edit

(Danny runs to the man)

  • Martin: Danny! Danny! Oh I got him!
  • Director: Gimme!
  • Martin: Back! Thou, Shalt Not!
  • Director: I'm sowing you!
  • Martin: (angrily) That's ever not!
  • Director: Hear me?!
  • Martin: No!
  • Director: Seriously?!
  • Martin: Sit Director! (kicks this) Right now! (Danny grabs the director) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (punches Danny) YOU HAD MADE ME SO ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT!!!!!?!
  • Director: Yes.
  • Martin: NOW SIT YOU DAMN BUT DOWN OR YOU ARE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Light Years [3.3] Edit

[Martin and Samantha are interviewing an alien enthusiast.]
Duncan: You're not, like, men in black?
Samantha: The movie?
Martin: You mean the government-alien conspiracy?
Samantha: [to Martin] Wait, what conspiracy?
Martin: Well, it's basically a pact between the gray aliens and the secret rebel faction of the government intent on destroying the human race.
Samantha: [amused] Really?
Martin: [serious] Yes.

Duncan: You're like the real Mulder and Scully, right? I mean, that's it, isn't it?
Martin: Yeah, that's us.
Duncan: Yes!

Samantha: Wow, you should be in law enforcement.
Martin: I hear the hours are terrible.
Samantha: Yeah, but the benefits are pretty good.

Martin: My guess is that Teddy thinks it's an alien implant.
Samantha: An implant?
Martin: Yeah, it's a common fear among abductees that aliens implant them with a device of some kind in order to track their whereabouts.
Samantha: What, so they can re-abduct them?
Martin: Or read their minds. Control them remotely. There's a bunch of different theories. Look if Teddy fears that he has an implant, the run-in with the so-called men in black could only make things worse.
Jack: You seem to have quite extensive knowledge on the subject.
Martin: I might have done some reading.

Upstairs Downstairs [3.4] Edit

American Goddess [3.5] Edit

Martin: This girl is so desperate to be loved. Before American Goddess she was invisible. Now she's a celebrity.
Vivian: Yeah, for fifteen minutes.
Martin: That's true but the point is, guys are probably hitting on her all the time now. She's got zero experience. Some scumbag buys her a drink, she's going to think she's hit the lotto.
Vivian: So we're looking for a scumbag in New York City.

Danny: This girl takes Fit and Thin.
Samantha: So?
Danny: Well, Fit and Thin equals high maintenance. It usually comes with a cat, a fat best friend and a daddy complex.
Samantha: Your compassion is overwhelming.

Nickel & Dimed - Part 1 [3.6] Edit

Martin: This case is really getting to you.
Samantha: Yeah.
Martin: Is it the kid?
Samantha: It's all of it.

Nickel & Dimed - Part 2 [3.7] Edit

Martin: You okay?
Samantha: I'm tired, but that's the good thing about not having a TV or a cell phone. Nothing to stop me from going to bed early.
Martin: Yeah, I've been getting a lot of sleep too.

Doppleganger Part 2 [3.8] Edit

Trials [3.9] Edit

Malone v. Malone [3.10] Edit

Jack: It's no different than the chances of you getting hit by a bus when you walk out of this building.
Maria's Lawyer: So you're not concerned.
Jack: That you could get hit by a bus, not really.

4.0 [3.11] Edit

Penitence [3.12] Edit

Volcano [3.13] Edit

Neither Rain Nor Sleet [3.14] Edit

Danny: So you and Marty seem…well, you seem something.
Samantha: Yeah, we are.
Danny: That's good. It is good Sam. Why are you hiding it?

Samantha: You wanna tell everyone, don't you?
Martin: Look, Sam, you already know how I feel, and now Danny's asking. But this probably isn't the best time to talk about it.
Samantha: Fine, we won't talk about it.

Party Girl [3.15] Edit

Martin: You know we could make a sex tape, post it online here, and you wouldn't have to tell anybody about us.
Samantha: That's cute.
Martin: Think about it.

Manhunt [3.16] Edit

Samantha: I am a woman whose slept with two men on the same team. If people find that out…
Martin: Oh, is that all we're doing? Just sleeping together?

Lone Star [3.17] Edit

Danny: You know, Martin. I see you and Sam in a place just like this one.
Danny: I do. Barbequing out back with the kids, Uncle Danny coming over to shoot some hoops.
Martin: I've seen your hook shot, you better start working on it now.
Danny: I'm unstoppable and you know it.

[Martin is going through some files and eating a sandwich when Danny walks up to his desk.]
Martin: It's about time. I saved you half.
[Danny takes a bite out of the sandwich.]
Martin: I was talking about the files.
Danny: Do you mind?

Transitions [3.18] Edit

Second Sight [3.19] Edit

The Bogie Man [3.20] Edit

Off the Tracks [3.21] Edit

Jack: Man, you look wired.
Danny: Wired? Wired is better than tired!

John Michaels [3.22] Edit

Endgame [3.23] Edit

Season 4 Edit

Showdown [4.1] Edit

[Martin is unconscious in a hospital bed.]
Samantha: I'm sorry I didn't come to see you sooner. I, ah, I guess I was scared to see you likelike this. I want you to know that I know that I haven't been very good about…being there for you. But I'm here now. And…I'm not going anywhere until I know you're alright.

Victor Fitzgerald: Was it a good shoot?
Jack: There's no such thing.

Safe [4.2] Edit

[Samantha and Vivian are talking about a suspect.]
Vivian: Wounded and cunning. Dangerous combination.
Samantha: Yeah.
[Martin, using a cane, walks over.]
Martin: Talking about me?

From the Ashes [4.3] Edit

Samantha: Listen. This is going to take time, okay? Why don't you just stop trying to fight it?
Martin: Does that advice come with a cookie?

Lost Time [4.4] Edit

Honor Bound [4.5] Edit

Viuda Negra [4.6] Edit

The Innocents [4.7] Edit

A Day in the Life [4.8] Edit

Freefall [4.9] Edit

When Darkness Falls [4.10] Edit

Martin: I got a description of her clothes. Does it mean anything to you? Dress by Nicole Miller, shoes by Manolo Bl…Blah…Blahnik.
Elena: It's expensive in Italian. She's not poor, this girl.

Blood Out [4.11] Edit

Patient X [4.12] Edit

Rage [4.13] Edit

Odds or Evens [4.14] Edit

The Stranger [4.15] Edit

The Little Things [4.16] Edit

Check Your Head [4.17] Edit

Rachel: I get it now okay?
Jack: I get why you could not stand me?
Rachel: Okay alright.
Jack: No ay least now the reason what you hate me. Look…the only reason that you're laying here is because you don't know how to tell your…your girlfriend that you like her.
Rachel: I heard you admited to her.
Jack: Like you were talking about cornflakes. You hate me. [rushes up the stairs]

Samantha I hate you. Danny Wait a second. [they follows Jack] Barry Okay we got a discussion Jack we are only figuring me out

The Road Home [4.18] Edit

Samantha: I get it now okay? I get why you can't stand me?!
Martin: Okay alright.
Samantha: No! at least now the reason why you hate me!! Like when I heard you admited to him like you we're... talking about cornflakes! You hate me! (rushes up the stairs)
Martin: I've hate you? Wait second! (follows Samantha) Okay we got some problems girl but we're only figuring it out. Okay?
Samantha: Oh that is bullshit! admit it!! You had sure when I wasn't here with that expression in my eyes? I've heard you!
Martin: Hold on! Enough with the drama!! Alright? Knock it off!!! You've misheard me!!!!
Samantha: I can't stand in here! Can't you see that?
Martin: No but thank you for telling me again! I keep forgetting it's all about you (Samantha looks a little guilty) Why do we pack us let's go on the road together we can be hobos.
Samantha: I keep forgetting it's all about you.
Samantha: What will we pack us up? [picks up prescription bottle]
Martin: Let's go on the road together we can be hobos.
Samantha: We don't get it.
Martin: I did not got you.
Samantha: Cause you wasted all our money! Some that belonged to me Martin!
Martin: I didn't waste our money I thought you liked it here. And I am sorry I thought Jack would come out and visit you Samantha I called them all by myself and I invited them and I am sorry I thought you and Jack are friends I thought I thought I thought I I thought this was... I mean I thought you liked me I thought it was just a dream come true for us!
Samantha: It's your dream! you can't force a dream like on someone else Martin!
Martin: Yes I can I can for a dream on you!
Samantha: Why are you yelling?!
Martin: [exploding] Because it's a good dream! and it's got cool prescriptions in it and some really great people too! [Samantha is now on a verge of crying] And because I am the adult and you not the only one you got! And a line of people in this world who really care about you ends here! So stop mopping around this place Samantha! And pick up a shovel and dig a hole! do somethin'! You just sit and feel sorry for yourself Samantha! That's ever not! THAT'S EVER NOT DAMMIT!
Samantha: [now really crying] THAT'S EVER NOT DAMMIT THATS EVER NOT! [Samantha and Martin are done having an argument when they are looking at each other Martin sighs]
Martin: I am sorry Danny did not come when he did. Believe me. I am sorry you are an adult but we are talking about the office but what are we going to do?
Samantha: You do not ask me what I am doing. You do not tell how to shave.
Martin: You wanna teach how to shave?
Samantha: I would love to teach you how to shave.
Martin: Let's shave.

Expectations [4.19] Edit

More Than This [4.20] Edit

Shattered [4.21] Edit

Requiem [4.22] Edit

White Balance[4.23] Edit

Crossroads [4.24] Edit

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Stolen [5.1] Edit

Candy [5.2] Edit

911 [5.3] Edit

All for One [5.4] Edit

The Damage Done [5.5] Edit

The Calm Before [5.6] Edit

All the Sinners, Saints [5.7] Edit

Win Today [5.8] Edit

Watch Over Me [5.9] Edit

The Thing with Feathers [5.10] Edit

Fade-Away [5.11] Edit

Tail Spin [5.12] Edit

Eating Away [5.13] Edit

Primed [5.14] Edit

Desert Springs [5.15] Edit

Without You [5.16] Edit

Deep Water [5.17] Edit

Connections [5.18] Edit

At Rest [5.19] Edit

Skin Deep [5.20] Edit

Crash and Burn [5.21] Edit

One and Only [5.22] Edit

Two of Us [5.23] Edit

The Beginning [5.24] Edit

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Undertow [7.24] Edit

Jack Malone: Always seems to end the same way, doesn't it?
Vivian Johnson: How's that?
Jack Malone: You know: You and me, some dark, desolate place, good conquering evil.
Vivian Johnson: What are you, Batman?
Jack Malone: At times, I do feel the resemblance.
Vivian Johnson: Oh, well remind me to get you a cape for your next birthday.
Jack Malone: Don't forget the tights.

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