Winnie the Pooh Discovers the Seasons

1981 short film

Seasons of Giving is a anthology film made by Walt Disney Productions' media division, released on 1999.

  • One thing you can count on in summer is higher temperature!


Winnie the Pooh: Did you ever wonder what it's like being a flower living underground all winter and coming up in the spring?
Eeyore: Very uncomfortable. I shouldn't wonder.

Winnie the Pooh: I like the puffy white clouds. Aren't they... that is... oh, my goodness. They've turned grey.
Eeyore: Never trust a cloud, I always say.

Owl: My, what a wonderful harvest.
Winnie the Pooh: It's not a harvest, Owl. It's a pumpkin.
Owl: See here. I know what a pumpkin is.

Rabbit: Apples and pumpkins and lots of other things are harvested in the fall because that's when they ripen.
Eeyore: I thought they ripened in the autumn.
Owl: They do, Eeyore. Autumn is simply another name for fall.
Eeyore: Oh.