Wilson Chandler

American basketball player
Chandler in 2010

Wilson Chandler (born May 10, 1987) is an American professional basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets of the NBA.


  • I was pretty health-conscious even before going vegan. The transition came after I watched Food, Inc. and a documentary called GMO OMG. After that I went pescatarian for a while, but I went deeper and deeper with research. … Part of why I stopped eating meat is because the more acid is in your body, the harder it is for muscles to recover.
  • A few things led me to the vegan diet. I guess the first thing to say was that I had multiple injuries and surgeries. Then additional complications: stamina level, inflammation, stuff with my stomach, overall mood, how my body was feeling and working. … Eating a vegan diet has changed my everyday living. I sleep better, I wake up in a better mood, I recover faster, I’m not so inflamed, not so achey. I feel better overall, in everything that I do. I can take in more information easier. My mind is just open.

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