William of Malmesbury

English monk and chronicler (c.1095 – c.1143)

William of Malmesbury (c. 1095 or '96 – c. 1143), English historian of the 12th century, was born about the year 1095 or '96, in Wiltshire. His father was Norman and mother English. He spent his whole life in England with his best working years as a monk at Malmesbury Abbey.

William of Malmesbury

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  • We have experienced the truth of this prophecy, for England has become the habitation of outsiders and the dominion of foreigners. Today, no Englishman is earl, bishop, or abbott, and newcomers gnaw away at the riches and very innards of England; nor is there any hope for an end of this misery.
    • Gesta Regum Anglorum (1125), quoted in Hugh M. Thomas, The English and the Normans: Ethnic Hostility, Assimilation and Identity 1066-c.1220 (Oxford University Press, 2003), p. 56
  • This Arthur is the hero of many wild tales among the Britons even in our own day, but assuredly deserves to be the object of reliable history rather than of false and dreaming fable.
    • Gesta Regum Anglorum (1125), quoted in M. J. Cohen and John Major (eds.), History in Quotations (Cassell, 2004), p. 160
  • That fatal day for England, the sad destruction of our dear country [dulcis patrie].
    • On the Battle of Hastings, quoted in M. T. Clanchy, England and Its Rulers: 1066-1272 (Blackwell, 1998), p. 24

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  • I must confess that I have never read W. Malmsb. de Pont. His Kings are enough to make me thoroughly despise him as a lying affected French scoundrel.

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