William Fitzsimmons

American musician

William Fitzsimmons (born 1978) is an American folk rock singer-songwriter.

William Fitzsimmons

Until When We Are Ghosts (2006)


Find It In Me

  • I'm too involved in making plans for my soul.
  • I can only help myself.

Passion Play

  • I just want to be not what I am today.
    I just want to be better than my friends might say.
    I just want a small part in your passion play.

When I Come Home

  • Memories fade into dust.
  • Ready or not, I'm not what you wanted, I'm what you got.

Funeral Dress

  • I won't measure love from the tears that drip from your face.
  • I suppose I should hope that it turns out fine.
  • I can't wait for you.

My Life Changed

  • To this day I still regret how I made you go away.
  • I was lost and out of touch, with the way you made me feel.
  • I saw the whole world from your eyes, at least the glimpse you let me see. And what a glimpse you let me see.

Forsake All Others

  • You are everything I've waited for.
  • A lifetime here with you will seem to short.
  • I hope that I can be what you deserve.
  • I hope the days get longer and make this love grow stronger.

When You Were Young

  • You're the bad one from the day you were born.
  • You can run, I dont think that you can hide.


  • Just another taste of pleasure.
  • Waiting on another chance to make it right.
  • She waits until her brokenness can break her.
  • I'm a slave to my indifference.
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