Wildfire (TV series)

US television series

Wildfire (2005–2008) is a drama television show, airing on ABC Family, about an eighteen-year-old girl who, after serving time at a teen detention center, is given the opportunity to start a new life. Her talent with horses is recognized by a volunteer and local trainer, who arranges a job for her at a ranch.

Season 1


Pilot [1.1]

Junior: I want you to know that I'm an honorable man. I could've just waited five minutes and you would've been entirely...
Kris: Go home. If Pablo sees you...
Junior: Pablo's in his house. His light is on. I can see him from here.
Kris: What are you doing here?
Junior: I thought you'd might like to go to a hottub party with us.
Kris: Thanks. I don't have a suit.
Junior: Who said anything about suits?
Kris: Cute. I don't think so.
Junior: You're right. I'd rather be alone with you anyway.

Kris: You are so lucky you dont even know to live in a place like this I grew up in a four- plex behind a bowling alley.
Matt: Be carful what you wish for.
Kris: Oh come on you don't like it here?
Matt: When you've been mucking stalls your whole life, I mean when I'm done with school I'm outta here.
Kris: To do what?
Matt: Anything except the family business. I want to know what it's like outside of Freemont, California.
Kris: Yeah well, you might be disappointed.
Matt: Sounds like you've had some experience.
Kris: Yeah.

Kris: [to Jean] I've made some mistakes and I paid for them. I hope I don't have to keep paying for them my entire life.

Kris: [to Dani] What are you trying to do to me?

Amber: [after insulting Kris] I'm sorry, she totally freaked me out. I thought she was going to hit me!
Matt: I was going to hit you!

Kris: I swear, I will never kiss another boy again, ever!

Trust [1.2]

Dani: Don't you dare!
Junior: Or, you can call this whole thing with Kris an unfortunate misunderstanding.
[Pause, Dani looking shocked.]
Dani: I hate you.
Junior: I knew you'd understand.

Kris: Can you two stop it? Don't you get it, they could stick me with another parole violation and I could go back to LaGrange. I don't give a rat's ass about some Polly.
Junior: Molly.
Matt: Junior. Shut up.
Junior: I'm sorry Kris.

Kris: I wish I could tell him I didn't leave him.
Pablo: It's all about trust and you lost his, we all have.
Kris: Yeah, well it's a mean world and maybe he's right. Maybe you shouldn't trust everyone who gives you a carrot.

Jean: [waving Kris to sit down] No, no, no. You to. I want you to know I should fire you for what happened yesterday, but Junior Davis told me what his sister did to you.
Kris: I shouldn't have hit her.
Jean: Yeah, that's right.
Kris: I didn't know what else to do!
Jean: You come to me. It's hard for you to trust me, isn't it?
Kris:Yeah, it is.
Jean: Well you're just going to have to take a chance. I'm here. I'm telling you that. You got time. Your safe now Kris. OK, then, um... you've got some unpacking to do, right?
Kris: Right. Thank you.

Kris: Can I ride with you?
Junior: I was just about to ask if you wanted to drive.
Kris: You had to ask.

Junior: You are such a psycho, if he were so in love with you he wouldn't have dumped you.

Junior: For God Sake's, I'll keep my hands on the wheel.
Kris: You will, or I'll break both of your arms.

Mothers [1.3]

Kris: Hey. Thanks for getting Dani to drop the charges against me.
Junior: Anytime. I'm full of good deeds. You just have to ask.

Kris: Mom? Mom wait! Mom I'm sorry. Matt took the ring. I should have believed you.
Barb: Does that mean you're coming with me?
Kris: I can't -- I just -- Are you mad?
Barb: Mad? No. I'm a little hurt, I guess.

Dani: [to Sasha] Were those free with the tummy tuck and the lipo?

Bobby: The good news is I'm hosting a little soiree at my place tomorrow. Cocktails, swimming, hotties...
Matt: Whoo! Three of our favorite things.

Matt: What about Dani?
Junior: We can only hope her dark master calls her back to hell.

Danni: All work and no sex make Danni a dull girl.
Bobby: Girl, does your daddy even know where you are?

Guilty [1.4]

Kris: How is everything?
Matt: Great thanks, I'll meet you at the car.
Junior: Here you go, keep the change.
Kris: Whats this?
Junior: A tip.
Kris: Five dollars is a tip this is something different.
Junior: Yeah payment for the grief and the three dinners my sister sent back.
Kris: I'll get the change.

Dani: What's she doing here?
Junior: Waiting tables. Trying to decide whether to spit or put a dead cockroach in your salad.

Jean: I just wanna know what's in his [Matt's] mind.
Charlie: She's probably blonde and naked.

The Claiming Race [1.5]

Kris: So, you didn't want to?
Junior: No, you didn't.

Junior: What's the big deal? Go to a club. Spend some time together. Friends plus benefits.
Kris: I don't know.
Junior: One night of fun and romance. I guarantee you'll be back for more, and if not, no hard feelings.
Kris: Pick me up at 8:30.

Junior: So, back home to the wicked stepsisters?
Kris: Huh, not even.
Junior: Well just so you know, I put the claim in on Wildfire before we went out. Come on. Tell me I'm a great guy.
Kris: Yeah, you were a great guy...today.[Leans over and kisses him]

Pablo: [to Jean] If Wildfire goes, I'm gonna follow.

Pablo: [referring to Wildfire] He's counter-suggestive.

The Track [1.7]

Dani: [to Kris] Ya know, I always thought my brother was a superficial dork. At least he's not superficial. He's a good guy.

Kris: You can't fake a mother like that.

Ely: Pay up today or something's gonna happen.
Matt: What's that supposed to mean?
Ely: I think you already know.

Matt: There's a chance it wasn't an accident.
Kris: Who would want to hurt Wildfire?
Matt: I have no idea. But it wouldn't be the first time a horse was poisoned at the track.

Matt: Next time you want something come after me.
Ely: What?
Matt: Leave my horse alone!
Ely: I don't know what you're talking about, I love horses.

Dani: Give me the phone or I'll post your PSAT scores on my blog.
Junior: What were they again?
Dani: 490 Math, 550 Verbal.

Pablo: I know Carlos. I watched him work with horses for four years. I don't care how mad he is. He's not going to hurt one.

Junior: Come on, it's just dinner.
Kris: It's never just dinner.

Junior: That was a great kiss.
Kris: Yeah, it was.

Kris: I have faith in you Matt. You're going down a bad path, but you're going to turn it around. I know it.

The Party [1.8]

Junior: A curse on the Sweden.
Matt: What about all the hot blondes?
Junior: Not the hot blondes.

Junior: You have a great right hook.
Kris: That's because men are dogs.
Junior: All men are dogs?
Kris: Well, different breeds, same goal.

Kris: So when are you giving Elvis back his car?
Win: When he pries the keys from my cold, dead fingers...And believe me that won't be anytime soon.

Win: You live here?
Matt: Yeah. 'Til my mom finds out I threw this party.
Win: Good luck with that.

Junior: [After laughing with Junior about trying their relationship again] We're really bad at this.
Kris: Yeah, We're better at this. [Grabs and kisses Junior]

Kris: I mean about Matt and you...
Junior: We're just friends. We've never kissed.

Matt: I think you should quit while you're behind.
Bobby: Hey, that's good advice. Maybe you should take it yourself.

Junior: Did she say he was a friend?
Matt: No, an old, old, old friend.

Dani: What sport do you play?
Evan: I don't know, is calculus a sport?

Junior: [to Matt] It takes a good son like you to enjoy wearing such a tight leash.

Junior: [to Kris] I think I'm in love with you.
Kris: You can't be, you don't even know me.
Junior: But I can get to know you.

Identity [1.9]

Junior: You sure you don't want to go somewhere else?
Kris: [laughs] I have to get back but do you wanna hang out tomorrow?
Junior: Wait, you're asking me out?
Kris: Maybe...

Kris: [to Pablo and Jean] I'm sorry if that's not the future you guys want for me but that's what I want.

Matt: I'll do anything!
Jean: [crestfallen] I've heard that before...

Kris: Matt, you're a really good friend.
Matt: Do me a favor. Don't tell me that.

Henry: Kris isn't in there.
Junior: I know, I've been knocking for five minutes. You know where she is?
Henry: She's in the hospital. Kris took a bad spill.

Kris: You make me nervous.
Junior: So, I do have an effect on you.

Tina: [to Kris] I hate to break it to you, but you're too old. I started [jockeying] when I was thirteen.

Dani: [to Evan] It's weird... I know more about this horse's mother than my own mother.

Junior: You love horses, Paris Hilton loves posing nude with small dogs.

Kris: Don't make this a big deal.
Matt: This is a big deal!

Tina Sharp [1.10]

Matt: Who's Luke Perry?
Dani: He was in the The Breakfast Club.
Matt: Oh.
Dani: Or was itAerosmith.

Junior: Okay, there are probably gonna be some photographers here from Horse and Track, so get ready to smile.
Kris: Photographers? Like they're gonna care about us.
Junior: Come on. You're a hot young jock riding the horse whose life you saved. Plus, my dad owns the magazine...

Kris: Matt, is this thing between you and Tina for real or is it just a fling?
Matt: I don't know. What about you and Junior?
Kris: I don't do flings.

Kris: [to Tina] You know, I'm starting to get why you don't have any women friends.

Tina: [to Kris, about Junior and Matt] You win a couple races, you can have both of them and anybody else you want!

Evan: I think this is about something else.
Dani: All right. Like what?
Evan: You freaking out that your mother isn't a princess from Barcelona.

Dani: What'd you do, take a freakin' Tom Cruise pill?
Junior: Sorry, blame it on her. [pointing to Kris]

Dani: [to Junior] I just wanted someone... I could talk to... Of course, that's just stupid.

Kris: [to Tina] I'm not here for you! I'm here for him [Wildfire].

Impressions [1.11]

Dani: I'm going to find my mother. I don't care that you sent your lawyer to intimidate me into not looking for her. Did you forget about that? I didn't.
Ken Davis: Dani we have a guest.
Dani: Oh. This isn't a good time? Because I've been waiting two weeks and you haven't said a word.

Dani: [to Isabelle] Are you my mother?

Kris: [to Tina] ... but I'll never see things the same way as you!

Matt: You know, I'm sick of people riding my ass. You're not my dad.
Pablo: I know.

Junior: [to Kris] Welcome to the Davis "Family Circus."

Pablo: [to Tina] The best part was when I thought I'd never see you again.

Kris: What are you doing?
Tina: Hi! I'm putting on my game face.

Loyalty [1.12]

Kris: Why are you doing this to Matt?
Tina: I think it's actually what he's doing to me.
Kris: You know that's not what I mean, he cares about you.
Tina: Are you scared you're not going to get him back?
Kris: That's not what I'm saying.
Tina: No? Bring Wildfire out to the track when you're done, OK?

Kris: [to Junior, about having sex] Yeah. But not here. And there's a big rock under my back.

Pablo: Tina Sharp wins races 'cause she's passionate and has to prove something. They say fight fire with fire.

Tina: [to Matt, after kissing him goodbye] You're cute.

Charlie: [to Jean, about Matt & Tina] The more you hassle him, the more attractive she'll look.

Junior: [after sex] That was...
Kris: It was.

Junior: [after sex] What are you doing?
Kris: Remembering this.
Junior: But I'm still here.
Kris: You'd better be.

Junior: [to Kris, after she breaks up with him] I thought you loved me.
Kris: I... I do.

Season 2


Try it Without the Porsche! [2.1]

Dani: So is this what you mean by trying it without the Porsche?

Kris: [After seeing Junior alive] I thought you were dead... and the car... the car was!
Junior: Yeah, well, that's dead. Hey, It's a convertible, I landed it in the water. Look there's not a scratch on me, its me! [Grabs her hand and puts it to his face]
Kris:[slaps Junior] How could you do that to me? How could you do that to your sister, and to Matt?
Junior: [chuckles]"Oh My God, are they going to slap me too?
Kris: Oh God! [Grabs him and hold him in her arms while crying.]

Opportunity Knocks [2.2]

Junior: [After kissing Kris] I miss you. Come over to my house for dinner. [Kris looks shocked] Ok. I'll see you at seven then. [Leans over and kisses her]

A Good Convict Is Hard to Find [2.3]



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