Wild ARMs

video game series

Wild ARMs is a video game series developed by Media Vision. The first installment of the series was released in 1997. Since then, there have been five major sequels, animations and few other spin-off games of Wild ARMs. Each game has different main characters at different era, but the events occurred on the same planet. For full details of Wild ARMs series, refer to Wikipedia article on Wild Arms: Wikipedia:Wild Arms series.

Bloomberg Flash: To settle my score with you, I came dancing all the way up from the fires of hell.
Bloomberg Flash: This is my prey. Go home and play with your toys.
Zed: Here I am! The Grim Reaper's pen pal! The ultimate Macho Man!
Cecilia:Magic casting requires a lot of energy. That's why I'm always hungry after a battle. Plus, I love hamburgers. I learned how fun it was to eat through cooking and eating hamburgers at the abbey.
Elmina:You still don't get it, do you? That light is the Absolute Power. It's the power to go beyond yourself in order to protect the ones we love. That is the light of your new Courage...
'ZeikFried:Pure power does not discriminate; all power is destined to destroy.
Jack Van Burace: Real Power is the power to protect the ones you love.
Rudy Roughnight: Hey... I'm sorry! Alright! It won't happen again!
Blue Robed Figure:"The one who does not have the courage to look at the truth is called a coward. A coward is afraid...
Tear Drop: You humans are the real Guardians of Filgaia... You hold the key to Filgaia's future.
Mother:The flame of life is the most beautiful at its scattering end... The end of a planet is the ultimate beauty supplied by the universe.
Lady Harken: So, you're an expert with Fast Draw, huh? Ha, it looks more like a Fat Draw than a Fast Draw.
Dan: Many think that courage is power. Real power is when you surpass your own desires to protect something dear...
Boomerang: The cycle of desire never ends...Luceid will never die...
Jane: Get off me, you idiot! How long do you plan to stay on top of me?!
CeciliaIf you want to be loved by someone, you have to love other people yourself...
Drake:When we found the wreckage on the beach, we laughed so hard. But then I realized that no matter how much I hate that bastard, Bartholemew, we both share a common love of the sea. So I decided to be a nice guy for a change.
Guardian Voices: If all the people in Filgaia had thoughts of Courage, Love, and Hope... The world would not have fallen. But, the weakness of their thoughts have brought Filgaia to its knees." - Guardian Voices
Boomerang: If humans can turn hope into power, perhaps I can turn desire into a blade..." - Boomerang
Door (One of the puzzle at De Le Metalica): It's true, Knowledge is the real treasure. It can help people, as well as confuse them. Door (One of the puzzle at De Le Metalica)
Tablet 5 (One of the puzzle at De Le Metalica): People always speak of justice while using power to enforce it. What then is the meaning of justice? If you want justice as power, take the right door. If you want power as justice, take the left door.
Dan Dairam: If your destiny is clear, the pull of love will always be there.
Baskar Chief: The light that has been forgotten is waiting among our people. The power that is derived from Courage is the power to conquer the past. It is the essence of the inner revolution. The power to protect the precious is the power of Love. The powers of Love and Courage are the powers of the west wind. The hope for tomorrow. The belief in possibilities is the power of Hope. The great flapping wings of Zephyr will ultimately open Filgaia's future. -

Wild ARMs: 2nd Ignition

  • "If you've not averted your eyes, you'll notice that the ground is full of monsters. They are impure creatures, yet no one tries to remove them; no one tries to bring peace. Why? Because humans are weak, cowardly creatures." - Vinsfeld Rhadamanthus
  • “Ideas, Values, Consciousness, and Power…Put all that together and people get stronger. That’s progress for the future.” - Vinsfeld Rhadamanthus
  • “Why, when we all desire the same results, do people choose such different paths?” - Ashley Winchester
  • “That doesn’t make sense. Is what you’re describing really a ‘hero’? It doesn’t sound like one. Sure, some horrible things are happening in the world. But does that mean the ‘hero’ has to do something about it? Is a hero just someone who is sacrificed for others who can’t solve their own problems? By naming you their ‘hero’ does everyone else shirk their own duties and just stop trying? If a ‘hero’ is just a euphemism for ‘sacrifice,’ then no. I’m not happy about it at all. Especially when the ‘hero’ is someone I care for…” - Marina
  • “How can you not question a world full of deception? Worried, confused…You all who don’t look back don’t deserve a future!” - Caina
  • "Whenever I have this much fun, my glasses start falling down." - Judecca

Wild ARMs: 3rd Advanced

  • “An unforgettable memory can at times seem like an ugly scar.” - Clive
  • “If it’s a nightmare you seek, then a nightmare you get…One that never ends, and one you cannot wake from. Rot in my endless nightmare!” - Beatrice
  • “If every existence had an equal and beautiful moment to shine…it is when the light of life goes out. No matter how pathetic or unsightly…The moment of death is when you shine best…” - Melody
  • “Now that I have it, unlimited life and power seem so boring. All my life I had so many goals I wanted to accomplish. I tried so hard to cross them all off my list. But now, I have all the time in the world, with nothing that can stop me. Each time I remind myself of this, everything I’ve wanted to accomplish all seems insignificant. That’s why I have something big planed…something bigger then you can imagine. It’s not uncommon for a dog to bite the hand that feeds it.” - Janus
  • "Listen to the Donkey's orders and eliminate the enemy!" - Malik
  • "I no want you get fried like chicken!" - Zim
  • "Geez...Why does everyone hate us?"
  • "Looking for a shortcut can lead you astray."
  • "Well bro...We have no social graces, just like the boss..." - Dario and Romero
  • "I won't let you become anyone's memory!" - Virginia to Beatrice

Wild ARMs: Alter Code F

Sarcastic comments made by Jack and Hanpan about how much Cecilia ate.
Hanpan: "The enemy outnumbered us almost 2:1. However, our troops successfully engaged in blitz tactics and we attacked the enemy...
Jack: "One by one our men had to stop, but there were still so many of them! If it wasn't for one soldier who continued her efforts... Her firepower, speed, and war tactics were just too much for our enemies; she finished off the last enemies with a vengeance...
Hanpan: "All of the enemies who fell to her violence met a cruel and merciless end. Her ferocity toward the enemies even drew shivers down the spines of her own allies...
Jack: (looks to Cecilia)...How'd you like our real-time war report on the Great Chow Mein Uprising? It was a crazy battle!"
Hanpan: (looks to Cecilia as well) Wait, we forgot about the reserve armies, the fresh young carrot and broccoli cadets... Poor guys never had a chance...
Fernando:Since the beginning of time, every life form walks on the circular path and eventually returns to its original form.
Boomerang: As humans take their courage and make it power, I use my thirst for battle to power my blade." - Boomerang

Wild ARMs: 4th Detonator

  • Arnaud: Hey, you're that kid!

Jude: I have to ask, just to be sure... You're not a bad guy... right?
Arnaud: What makes you think I'm not?
Jude: Because you're just a kid, like me.
Arnaud: What? I look like a kid to YOU? Man, how depressing...

  • "How can that kid be so strong?! Is this truly...the power of...ARMs...?!" - Acting Commander Tony, commenting on Jude's ability to use the ARM
  • "I won't insist that you eat quietly but...can't you behave in a manner that is befitting for you age? It's embarrassing for the rest of us to watch you behave like that in public." - Raquel, to soldiers in the pub of Port Rosalia
  • "I know a thing or two about swords, but unfortunately, 'charming' isn't in my repertoire. I'd be happy to give you a taste, but I may fall short of your expectations." - Raquel, to soldiers in Port Rosalia
  • Jude: "That was so cool...I wish I'd taken my sword training more seriously."

Yulie: "It's hard to believe...there really are people like that..."
Arnaud: " *ahem* And here is where I make my entrance."
Arnaud: "We intended to jump in, too, but you handled things so flawlessly, we didn't even get the chance. Would you care to join us at our table so that we might introduce ourselves?"
Raquel: "You don't look very trustworthy. Are you with those guys that just left? If so, I won't hold back."
Arnaud: "What are you saying?!"
Jude: "No, we're not with them. We were just so impressed with you... That was really cool!"
Raquel: "Oh uh, thanks..."
Arnaud: "You mentioned you were traveling alone? With the way things are these days, I can't help but worry about a girl like you traveling all by yourself."
Jude: "What are you talking about, Arnaud? How can someone as cool as that be in any kind of danger?"
Arnaud: "Kid, what the heck do looking cool and being in danger have to do with each other? What I'm trying to say is--"
Yulie: "I'm sorry we're making such a fuss...we didn't mean to intrude upon you."
Raquel: "I don't think it's anything you need to apologize for. Besides, they say that 'friendship is a beautiful thing,' do they not? I think a little fuss among friends is just fine."
Jude: "Do we look like we're friends?!"
Arnaud: "Well I sure would rather be friends with you! Why don't you tell us your name...?"

  • "There are some Drifters who do bad things. In fact, the majority may be that way. However...there are definitely some Drifters who use their skills to help others. Being a Drifter in and of itself isn't a good or bad thing, but there are good ones and bad ones." - Raquel
  • "Kresnik...nothing's changed...I still hate you. How is... sacrificing yourself the best option? How can there be anything good in making Yulie cry? I hate you Kresnik...I hate you for making Yulie cry! But...I promise you...I promise I'll always protect Yulie...together...along with your ARM...I won't fail!" - Jude
  • "If humans are to reach the future, they must become strong! They must evolve to become stronger! I have the ability to get a glimpse of the future with these eyes... I have learned the terrible truth...that the future is closed off to this species. To protect the world for the people of this world, I will bear any shame and condemnation!" -Lambda
  • "They betrayed me! I wanted peace! I wanted to put an end to the war! Yet, why does war still persist?! It's because humans desire it!! If it's human nature to make war, then I'll just have to eliminate all of humanity! Eternal peace has no need for humans!!" - Hauser
  • "I've seen inside your heart, and it's not that I don't understand what you're trying to do... But I know without a doubt, that what you're doing is wrong! You will only bring about more anguish...so that others will suffer like you did. Just because you rationalized good and evil in the past, it doesn't mean you have to continue doing so, in the future. We'll never attain the peace you're seeking, if you use violence to fight violence." - Jude, to Hauser
  • (From Kindred Souls)

Cecilia: "Everyone has... things they care about in their hearts."
Jack: "To keep them from destroying everything...!"
Rudy: "We'll go as far as it takes."
Rudy: "Put your hearts together!"

Avril: Johnny Appleseed...I think it's important.

Dean: Nothings impossible as long as you don't give up!

Dean: Prepare to face the force of my arms!

Greg: When you point a gun at someone they have the right to shoot back.

Greg: I don't care what the problem is, I'll blow them away.

Rebecca: "Take this" attack!

Dean: (To Kalivos): Have a taste of this! METEOR DRIVE!
(The shovel breaks in half upon impact)
Dean: Nooooooooooooooo! My precious Black Fenrir!
Rebecca: It's a shovel! You don't have to name it!
Dean: Oh! But Meteor Drive was okay with you!?
Rebecca: Moron! Watch out!
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