This page contains material that is kept because it is considered humorous.
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Wikiquote-tan commemorates the work of building a libre quotebook with a choice epigram.
Quote-tan is the Wiki-sister mascot of Wikiquote.

The Wiki-sisters are three characters designed by Kasuga to represent three of the Wikimedia projects: Wikipe-tan for Wikipedia, Wikiquote-tan for Wikiquote, and Commons-tan for Wikimedia Commons. The other projects have not yet been anthropomorphised by Kasuga or others with any prominence, though a few obscure anthropomorphic versions exist for some projects.


Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Wikiquote, Wiktionary, Wikinews ... I have this awkward feeling that something is missing. — Wikipe-tan


Wikiquote-tan (addressing Wikipe-tan): It's okay to answer here. Come on, if you don't spit it out I'll put you in a headlock.
Commons-tan: Um... I've been left out and watching this from the sides, but... Isn't this "bullying"?
Wikiquote-tan: Don't say such silly things!! This isn't bullying, just smothering her with affection, aka "doting"!
Commons-tan: That's not good either.


Don't abbreviate as Wiki!
  • Given: Making Wikipedia has helped administrators. Corollary: Making administrators should help Wikipedia. Therefore: Making me an administrator could help Wikipedia.
Well, there is no User:Self, so you can't self-block.
  • l heard Watanabe-san was going to make his own visual novel so that we would have some free images to use on Wikipedia! That's the kind of guy who keeps the Internet alive, don't you think?





Quotes about Wikipe-tan

I don't like Wikipe-tan and never have. —Jimmy Wales
  • My removal of the sexualized version from commons was in no way an endorsement of the standard versions. I don't like Wikipe-tan and never have. I recognize that some people do, and I'm not particularly agitated about it, but my name should not be invoked in a way that might lead some to believe that I approve. Thanks!
    • Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia talk:Wikipe-tan[3]