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Wikiquote:Wikiquote briefly describes what Wikiquote is, and what its goals are. The following discusses what Wikiquote is not.

Wikiquote is not an encyclopedia edit

Wikiquote is not the same as its sister project, Wikipedia. While adding short introductions to the subject the quotes are about is encouraged in order to give the reader an idea as to what the quotes will focus around, full articles on the subject are not.

Wikiquote is not a dictionary edit

Wikiquote is not a place for dictionary definitions, like its sister project, Wiktionary. Quotes can be about a certain theme, such as Love, but not any random word.

Wikiquote is not a textbook edit

Wikiquote is not a collection of information found in textbooks and guides. See Wikibooks.

Wikiquote is not a place for public domain documents edit

Wikiquote is not a collection of public domain documents such as source code, original historical documents, letters, laws, whole books or whole poems.

Wikiquote is not a personal website edit

Every registered user is able to create a user page about themself as a Wikiquotian. However, they should not use it for posting non-Wikiquote related topics, such as résumés, personal files, etc. Please see Wikiquote:Userpage for more information on userpages.

Wikiquote is not a collection of your personal quotes edit

Any user can place quotes they or their friends may have said on their user page, but you should not create your own page in the main namespace for your own quotes.

Wikiquote is not an internet directory edit

Articles are for collections of quotes, not random links. You should not create pages solely for the purpose of listing your favorite sites, random phone numbers, and other useless information.

Wikiquote is not a discussion forum edit

Users are allowed to post messages to ach other on their respective User talk pages, but you must confine those chats to those pages only, not to the article talk pages, which are reserved for discussion regarding that page only.

Wikiquote is not a weblog edit

Wikiquote is not a collection of journal entries from various weblogs. While users may post their thoughts on their user pages, they should not use them solely for the purpose of maintaining a weblog.

Wikiquote is not a place for posting substantial quotations from copyrighted works edit

Wikiquote is not a compendium of song lyrics or entire poems, and there are definite copyright issues in using more than a few lines of modern songs or modern poetry, even under fair use provisions. While there are no legal impediments to using entire poems or lyrics in the public domain, the use of entire poems or the full lyrics of any songs are not encouraged, and a selection process of significant statements within a poem or a song should generally occur. Postings of copyrighted works on the internet does NOT place them in the public domain. See Wikiquote:Copyrights.

Wikiquote is not a collection of advertisements edit

While there is a place on Wikiquote for advertising slogans, Wikiquote does not allow gratuitous advertising (spam) of any type. Users who repeatedly post links to commercial websites or to their personal website after being warned against doing so may be blocked from editing Wikiquote.

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