Wikiquote:Patent nonsense

Wikiquote writers and editors contribute lots of brilliant prose, but occasionally some patent nonsense. This falls into two categories:

  1. welcome to the shit show - i.e. text or random characters that have no assignable meaning at all. This includes things like "1`- 5bl[9 1vn]304 0=10am[0v9a1 7", where random keys of the keyboard have been pressed.
  2. Content that, while apparently meaningful after a fashion, is so completely and irredeemably confused that no intelligent person can be expected to make any sense of it whatsoever.

Not to be confused with... edit

The following, while often regrettable, are not patent nonsense. Check the Deletion policy for information on how to handle these things.

Dealing with patent nonsense edit

There are various ways to deal with total nonsense - use your good judgement to decide which is most appropriate:

  • Replace it with brilliant prose.
  • Move it to the article's talk page.
  • Move it to the user's talk page.
  • Remove it from the article if there is anything left in the article after that.

However, if anybody objects, because they believe that the content is not total nonsense, then it's best to discuss the issue with them, and try to reach a consensus. In particular, if someone says that they think they can rework the "nonsense" into something worthwhile, then please give them some time and space to do so.

If an article contains nothing but patent nonsense, use your good judgment to decide whether to:

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