Wikiquote:Manual of styles for interactive fiction

This is a draft, and describes common practice.

For more information on interactive fiction, see Interactive Fiction at Wikipedia

For an example page, see Frenetic Five.

  • Only output lines (descriptions of rooms, responses to commands, etc.) should be styled normally. If a game uses styles, you should preserve those styles when possible.
  • All lines in a quote should be indented with a leading :. Preserve blank lines by placing a <br/> on its own line (suitably indented).
  • Use [Explanation or context] lines when necessary. This includes quotes that are responses to a command; for example: [In response to a command to open the mailbox]. It is inadvisable to use the actual command from the game, since they may not be understandable to those who have not played the game before; summarise the command instead. You may exercise some variety in the construction of these lines.
  • Separate quotes with <hr width="50%"/>.

The following is the sample transcript from the Interactive Fiction page on Wikipedia, translated to this format:

[The player looks around]
You are in a big room with tall pillars. To your north reside the large doors into Wikiquote.

[Upon the player's attempt to go north]
The doors are locked. Wait, that makes no sense. Wikiquote is for everyone! Something must be done...

[The player searches his possessions]
You are carrying a soda, an umbrella, The Key to All The Information in the Universe, and a little plastic bottle cap.

[Unlocking the door with the key]
The door opens easily and noiselessly, and before you can walk through, there's a mad rush of people who enter the library and begin improving it.

***Your mission is complete!***

Would you like to restore a saved game, restart, or quit?

[The player quits]