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This page is an official policy on Wikiquote.
It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow.
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Wikiquote Policies and Guidelines

The aim of Wikiquote is to collect and present quotations. The presentation is supplemented with images from Wikimedia Commons that illustrate the subject of the article or the quotations therein. Image use is governed by Wikiquote's general content policies, and should always be directly relevant to subject of the article or the quotations.

Accord with other major policies


Image use on Wikiquote must accord with other major policies on this project, including:

Illustrating topics

  1. Pages on particular authors should include at least one image of that author, if a free image is available.
  2. Pages on a tangible, concrete subject such as gold, horses, or blacksmiths, should include at least one image of that thing.
  3. Pages on abstract concepts for which there are images or symbols closely associated with that concept such as Love, Judaism, and Law, should include at least one such closely associated image or symbol.


  1. Images should directly support or embody the theme of the provided quotes.
  2. The connection between the images used and the subject matter of the page as a whole, and individual quotes on it, should be obvious and specific. The relevance should not be so ambiguous or abstract that it could refer to anything or nothing.
  3. Images are used to illustrate the subject of a page or a quote, not to express an opinion, interpretation, or commentary by, e.g., introducing metaphors, analogies, comparisons, or relationships that are not explicit in the captioning quotation, or by highlighting arbitrary, literal meanings of words used in a figurative sense.
  4. Images that could connote a specific cultural meaning that differs from that of either the page or the specified quote should not be used.

Dispute resolution


An image that is not a literal representation of the subject of the page may be removed by any editor who believes it to be inappropriate. Thereafter, it should not be re-added without first obtaining consensus on the article talk page.

Image placement


Multiple images should not be placed at the top in the lead section of an article. While these cascade down the right side of an article when viewing on desktop, images are displayed centered and full-width on mobile devices, and appear in the same order that the appear in the wiki markup. Therefore, if 10 images are placed at the top of the article, a mobile viewer must scroll through a stack of ten images before arriving at the first text in the body of the page, making navigation difficult.[1] Instead, the lead of an article should contain only one or very few images if multiple images are necessary, and further images should be dispersed throughout the remainder of the body.

Image resources

  1. All editors can utilize images from Wikimedia Commons, which contains millions of multimedia files, and also are encouraged to upload images or media files there that are released under compatible free licenses , or in the public domain.[2]
  2. Wikiquote does not host images itself, and so uploads are disabled on Wikiquote. Because of this, and because the fair use of non-free media is prohibited on Commons, it is also prohibited on Wikiquote.

Similar policies at sister projects



  1. When constructing articles, you should remain mindful that on this and may sister projects, half or more page views may be from those using mobile devices.
  2. For further information on what images are appropriate for upload to Commons, see guidance at c:Commons:Licensing.