Why the lucky stiff

American computer programmer

Jonathan Gillette, better known as why the lucky stiff (often abbreviated to Why or _why), was until 2009 a prolific writer, cartoonist, artist, and computer programmer notable for his work with the Ruby programming language.

Why the lucky stiff, 2005


Collected PDFs (2013)Edit

Source: PDFs from 5 Jan 2013 on scribd.com

  • [T]he whole time I was having this conversation, I was mildy enjoying it, but it bothered me how little substance there was. I always feel this during movie and music conversations, that it's entirely constrainted to just naming things...Perhaps the greatest pain of it is how shallow it is compared to the actual experience.
  • Reality's kind of a medium, maybe greater than paper. We all want life to have the same texture that we read about in novels.
  • And so, reaching futilely for answers, they blame the trees!
  • I felt aimless, but it felt fine. (This is not what I wanted to feel though. I wanted to feel a great absence, a longing, a distance that would finally inspire.)
  • Sometimes I do believe in predestination. I feel helpless to do anything but what I am compelled to do.
  • This was incredibly foolish. To live just to die. And to die so easily.
  • There is no use in trying to judge everything but the condition you are in right now. You are absolutely delusional if you think that you know anything right now.

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