Who Killed Captain Alex?

2010 film directed by Isaac Nabwana

Who Killed Captain Alex? is a 2010 Ugandan action comedy film written, produced, and directed by Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey Nabwana (I.G.G.). The film is about a war in Kampala between the Ugandan military, led by Captain Alex, and the Tiger Mafia.

Directed and written by Nabwana I.G.G.

VJ Emmie edit

  • Who Killed Captain Alex: the Ugandan first action-packed movie.
  • Ugandan Bruce Lee. We call him - Bruce U.
  • [mocking woman] Will you marry me? [mocking Alex] I prefer men. [woman] What? No!
  • Everybody in Uganda knows kung fu!
  • [mocking soldiers] I'm making German food. German food? We found German tourists. We are cooking them. Oh. Very, very good. Save me the head... like Predator!

Richard edit

  • Then who killed Captain Alex? Who?!
  • [talking to corrupt official] You can't intimidate me. And know this, you diarrhea squirt: I will get my brother back.

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