While the City Sleeps (1956 film)

1956 film by Fritz Lang

While the City Sleeps is a 1956 film about a serial killer who been killing beautiful women in New York, and the new owner of a media company who offers a high ranking job to the 1st administrator who can get the earliest scoops on the case.

Directed by Fritz Lang. Written by Casey Robinson, based on the novel The Bloody Spur by Charles Einstein.
Sensational LIPSTICK Murderer  (taglines)

Dialogue edit

Ed Mobely: You know, you have very nice legs.
Nancy Liggett: Aren't you sweet.
Ed Mobely: Nice stockings too. What holds your stockings up?
Nancy Liggett: There's a lot your mother should have told you.
Ed Mobely: I didn't ask my mother. I asked you.

Ed Mobely: [as he's holding Nancy tight in her apartment's doorway] I should have a permit.
Nancy Liggett: To kiss me?
Ed Mobely: Hmm... an explorer's permit.
Nancy Liggett: Do explorers have to have permits?
Ed Mobely: They should have, especially when they're headed for uncharted territory. Forgive me angel, I know not what I say.
Nancy Liggett: Goodnight, drunk.

Ed Mobely: But I didn't do anything!
Lt. Burt Kaufman: You think if you're drunk, it doesn't count, huh?

Taglines edit

  • Suspense as startling as a strangled scream!
  • Sensational LIPSTICK Murderer
  • The story of these big-time newspaper people is more sensational than any crime they cover. It will keep you on the edge of your seat... and your nerves.
  • They's sell out their own mothers!

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