When the Wind Blows (1986 film)

1986 film by Jimmy T. Murakami

When the Wind Blows is a 1986 British animated disaster film about a naive elderly British rural couple who survive the initial onslaught of a nuclear war.

Directed by Jimmy Murakami. Written by Raymond Briggs, based his comic book of the same name.
...It's No Fairy Tale.

James Bloggs edit

  • We must keep abreast of the international situation, Love. See, the decisions made by the powers-that-be will get to us in the end.
  • Well, you can't expect things to be normal after the bomb. Difficulties will be experienced throughout the duration of the emergency period. Normality will only be assumed after the cessation of hostilities.

Hilda Bloggs edit

  • [as she hears a radio announcement about an imminent nuclear missile attack] Oh dear, I'd better bring the washing in.
  • The cake will be burned!

Dialogue edit

Hilda: It's funny to think there's no shelters this time. We had an old Anderson in the garden. I can see it now. We had nasturtiums growing all over it. And we painted the front green. Painted, it looked quite pretty. Next door grew cabbages on theirs.
James: Yes. We had a Morrison. Hm, I used to sleep in it. I stuck pin-up girls all over the inside. Betty Grable, Anne Shelton, Patricia Roc. The roof got all smoky, cause I used to read in bed with a candle.
Hilda: Yes, it was nice in the war, really. The shelters, the blackout, cups of tea...
James: The ARP, the evacuees. London kids seeing cows for the first time.
Hilda: Old Churchill on the wireless. The nine o'clock news. Vera Lynn singing away.
James: Worker's Playtime. Spitfires and Hurricanes in the blue sky over the cornfield.
Hilda: The White Cliffs of Dover. Old Jerry coming over every night.
James: Those were the days.

Announcer: We are now interrupting this broadcast for an official government announcement. An enemy missile attack has been launched against this country. It is estimated that the missiles will arrive in approximately three minutes. Three minutes.
James: God almighty, Ducks! There's only three minutes to go!
Hilda: Oh dear! I'll just get the wash in.
James: Come back you stupid bitch, and get in the shelter!
Hilda: How dare you talk to me like that, James!
James: Shut up and get in!
Hilda: There's no need to forget your manners just because there's a war on.
James: Shut up! I'm trying to listen!
Announcer: Take shelter immediately.
Hilda: I've never heard such language in all my life.
James: For god's sake, shut up!
[James pulls Hilda into the shelter]
Hilda: Oh dear! I left the oven on!
James: Get in! Get in! Get in!
Hilda: The cake will be burned!
Announcer: Lie down, keep away from windows, cover your head and eyes, do not look at the sky or through windows. Take shelter immediately. Repeat, stay indoors, do not leave your home.

James: [reading from pamphlet] During this period, reduced external stimuli may produce problems of group behavior.
Hilda: Oh yes, I see, Dear.
James: [reading from pamphlet] Steps to combat this may include the following: At intervals, stimulate group activities...
Hilda: Don't you dare start stimulating, James. I'm not in the mood.

Hilda: Can you see any fallout falling out, James?
James: No, the sun is trying to get through.
Hilda: They didn't blow up the sun, thank goodness.
James: Oh, no, dear. Science is still in its infancy.
Hilda: What does the fallout look like, dear?
James: I don't know. The government directive neglects to mention how the populous could recognize it. I expect it's a bit like snow, ducks; only greyer.
Hilda: The grass looks a funny color.
James: Yes. I'll pop down to Mr. Sponge's tomorrow and get some bone meal and dried blood.
Hilda: He may be closed due to the bomb dear.
James: What, old Sponge? Heh heh. Miss a day's trade? Oh not him. He'd rather die.
Hilda: It's very cloudy; almost foggy.
James: We need some sun to bring the garden on.

Hilda: Ooh, it's stuffy in these bags.
James: Now you know what it feels like to be a potato.
Hilda: [chuckles] I should hate that, being buried in the ground.
James: Oh yes, so would I, give me cremation every time.
Hilda: Oh me too. [sighs] We'd better just stay here and wait for the emergency services to arrive.
[Hilda crawls into the shelter, Jim follows afterwards]
James: Y-y-yes. Yes, they'll... they'll take... they'll take good care of us. We won't have to worry about... about a thing. Just... Just leave everything to them. The governmental authorities will know what to do with us. The powers that be will get to us in the end.
Hilda: You have got the box with our medical cards and birth certificates, haven't you?
James: Yes, dear, yes. They're quite safe.
Hilda: Shall we... pray, dear?
James: Pray?
Hilda: Yes.
James: All right then... But... to who?
Hilda: God, of course.
James: Oh, oh, oh, I see... Yes, yes... Would that be the correct thing?
Hilda: It can't do any harm, dear.
James: Ok, um... Here it goes... Dear sir...
Hilda: No, that's wrong, dear.
James: Well, uh... How, how do you start?
Hilda: Our God...
James: ..our help, in ages past...
Hilda: That's it, dear. Keep it up.
James: Almighty and most merciful father...
Hilda: That's good.
James: Dearly beloved... we are gathered... unto thee. I shall fear no evil. Thy rod and thy staff comfort me all the days of my life. [beginning to suffocate] Lay me down in green pastures... I... I can't remember anymore.
Hilda: That was nice, dear. I liked the bit about the green pastures.
James: Oh, yes, yes. Into the valley of the shadow of death...
Hilda: Oh, no more love. No more.
James: ...rode the six hundred.
[They both die]

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