When Time Ran Out

1980 film by James Goldstone

When Time Ran Out is a 1980 American disaster film about a eruption in a south Pacific island, risking the life of the people in a resort.

Directed by James Goldstone. Written by Carl Foreman, Stirling Silliphant. Produced by Irwin Allen.
An all-star cast is one the run when Mother Nature blows her top!(taglines)

Hank AndersonEdit

  • It's bad down here but it's worse up there!
  • I was down in the crater Duran!
  • This thing's a powder keg!

Kay KirbyEdit

  • I don't need the wine, yoou get me drunk!

Francis FendlyEdit

  • Not that it matters, but what do you think?

Bob SpanglerEdit

  • There's not going to be any evacuation!


Rene Valdez: Those two, remind me of Rose and myself... a long time ago.
Shelby Gilmore: I know what you mean.

Nikki Spangler: What are they going?
Bob Spangler: To get killed! Shelby went with them, Brian too, damn fools!


  • An all-star cast is one the run when Mother Nature blows her top!
  • Tale of Passion, Power, Mystery, Spun or Web of Mounting Danger.
  • Caught in a game of power. Playing time: 24 hours. Prizes: Untold wealth. Rules: None.


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