West of Shanghai

1937 film by John Farrow

West of Shanghai is a 1937 film about a Chinese warlord, who holds a group of oilmen and missionaries hostage in a remote Chinese outpost.

Directed by John Farrow. Written by Crane Wilbur.
He'll kill you on a moment's notice!  (taglines)


Jane Creed: You've killed thousands of people.
Gen. Wu Yen Fang: Too many people in China. I kill only man - only bad man. When I kill bad man, I feel good. I have did good deed.
Jane Creed: And who decides whether a man is good or bad?
Gen. Wu Yen Fang: I do, I am Fang!

Gordon Creed: General, let's get back to business. You know, you and I could make a much better deal than I made with Captain Nui.
Gen. Wu Yen Fang: You mean you double cross him too?
Gordon Creed: Why not? You're in this racket to make money, aren't you?


  • He'll kill you on a moment's notice!


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