Wesley Chu

Taiwanese-American Author

Wesley Chu (born September 23, 1976, in Taipei) is a speculative fiction author.

Wesley Chu (2017)

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The Lives of Tao (2013) Edit

All page numbers are from the mass market paperback first edition published by Angry Robot Books, ISBN 978-0-85766-329-0, 12th printing
All italics are spoken sotto voce by the protagonist's alien comrade
  • When someone asked Roen what he did, he explained that he typed incoherent commands that performed virtual tasks to create intangible objects. At the end of the day, Roen wasn’t sure what he did or why he did it—just that every two weeks, he received a paycheck for the hours of his life wasted, building these imaginary things on some server located somewhere.
    • Chapter 5, “Day After” (p. 57)
  • You’re not being paid to like your work.
    • Chapter 5, “Day After” (p. 58)
  • “God, he’s trying to kill me!”
    Doubtful, he is most likely aiming for a non-vital area.
    “Every part of me is vital!”
    • Chapter 7, “Genjix” (p. 86)
  • She is so far out of your league that you are not even playing the same sport.
    • Chapter 11, “Joining the Network” (p. 124)
  • “The world spins despite me, not because of me,” he muttered.
    • Chapter 13, “Training Wheels” (p. 146)
  • Enlightenment and peace can never be achieved by force.
    • Chapter 18, “Discovery” (p. 202)
  • Everyone laid a hand on him and closed their eyes. It reminded Roen of one of those healing prayer circles he attended in college church. No one ever got healed, but it was a good way for him to get close to some girls.
    • Chapter 29, “Safe House” (p. 304)
  • Conflict does breed innovation, but so does diversity and cultural development. Bringing people together to share ideas is just as powerful a catalyst.
    • Chapter 30, “Back Home” (p. 325)
  • I am not one to fall for religious psychobabble, but then I’ve always had a problem with a rabbit that lays painted eggs.
    • Chapter 33, “Monaco Decennial” (p. 356)
  • “Always comes down to money, huh?”
    Makes the damn world go round.
    • Chapter 34, “Day One” (p. 362)
  • Every time I think you guys can’t get any more ridiculous, you prove me wrong.
    • Chapter 34, “Day One” (p. 364)

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