Wendy Rogers (politician)

Arizona state senator and conspiracy theorist

Wendy Rogers (July 24, 1954 –) is an American politician and former military pilot serving as a member of the Arizona Senate from the 6th district.

Wendy Rogers

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  • When they signed up to be a County Official, little did they know that by taking the oath that they would be ultimately responsible for what a national election could hinge on. Little did they know I mean little did I know when I ran for state senate that I would be in a pivotal role as a state senator, but of course, the US Constitution supports that fact that state legislatures are responsible, unequivocally, for Presidential Elections.
  • No one should be forced to take the vaccine. The globalists are practicing for the Mark of the Beast.
  • By forcing our military to vaccinate the franken-jab, #SleepyJoe is doing to them what they are fighting to defend against - tyranny around the world. And that joke of a Secretary of Defense is nothing more than a woke Communist. He needs to go.

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