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We Baby Bears (2022–present) is an animated series produced by Cartoon Network and a spin-off prequel of We Bare Bears.

Season 1 Edit

The Magical Box Edit

Baby Grizzly: Let's make a wish on a shooting star!
Baby Panda: You think that'll really work?
Baby Grizzly: It always works in cartoons.

Bears and the Beanstalk Edit

Boo-Dunnit Edit

The Little Mer-Bear Edit

Modern-ish Stone Age Family Edit

Excalibear Edit

Meat House Edit

Pirate Parrot Polly Edit

Baby Grizzly: What the heck is this, a moldy burrito?
Baby Ice Bear: Ice Bear will still eat it.

Baby Bear Genius Edit

Baby Ice Bear: Ice Bear accept your challenge.

Bug City Sleuths Edit

Hashtag Number One Fan Edit

Snow Place Like Home Edit

Baba Yaga House Edit

Bears in the Dark Edit

Big Trouble Little Babies Edit

Triple T Tigers Edit

Panda's Family Edit

A Tale of Two Ice Bears Edit

Unica Edit

Sheep Bears Edit

Ice Bear's Pet Edit

Dragon Pests Edit

No Land, All Air! Edit

Tooth Fairy Tech Edit

High Baby Fashion Edit

Teddi Bear Edit

A Gross Worm Edit

A Real Crayon Edit

Witches Edit

Happy Bouncy Fun Town Edit

Back to Our Regular Time Period Edit

Bath in the Nile Edit

Bubble Fields Edit

Who Crashed the RV? Edit

Temple Bears Edit

Lighthouse Edit

Doll's House Edit

Little Fallen Star Edit

Season 2 Edit

The Big Wish Edit

Polly's New Crew Edit

Bug City Frame Up Edit

The Great Veggie War Edit

Unica's House Edit

Rexford's Nectar Edit

Grizz's Doc Edit

Triple T Tiger Lilies Edit

After Bedtime Edit

The Parade Edit

The Big Bloom Edit

Voice cast Edit

  • Connor Andrade – Baby Grizzly
  • Amari McCoy – Baby Panda
  • Max Mitchell – Baby Ice Bear
  • Demetri Martin - Narrator

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