repeated oscillation about a stable equilibrium

In physics, a wave is an oscillation accompanied by a transfer of energy that travels through medium (space or mass).


  • Each wave, instead of the big, smooth glossy mountain it looks from shore or from a vessel's deck, was for all the world like any range of hills on dry land, full of peaks and smooth places and valleys.
  • The study of waves is important to virtually every branch of science and engineering. Indeed, waves are also important to everyday life. Sound waves allow us to hear, and electromagnetic waves allow us to see.
  • The mass gap is the reason, if you will, that we do not see classical nonlinear Yang-Mills waves. They are a good approximation only under inaccessible conditions. I have spent most of my career wishing that we had a really good way to quantitatively understand the mass gap in four-dimensional gauge theory. I hope that this problem will be solved one day.

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