large watery fruit with a smooth hard rind

Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus var. lanatus, family Cucurbitaceae) is a vine-like (scrambler and trailer) flowering plant originally from southern Africa.


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  • That was the hardest part, I admit, but I had a
    kind of dark foreknowledge of what it would be like.
    Everything, from eating watermelon or going to the bathroom
    or just standing on a subway platform, lost in thought
    for a few minutes, or worrying about rain forests,
    would be affected, or more precisely, inflected
    by my new attitude. I wouldn't be preachy,
    or worry about children and old people, except
    in the general way prescribed by our clockwork universe.
    • John Ashbery, "My Philosophy of Life" (1995)
  • The fish has too many bones
    and the watermelon too many seeds.
    • Charles Reznikoff, "The Old Man" (1969)
  • Green Buddhas
    On the fruit stand.
    We eat the smile
    And spit out the teeth.
    • Charles Simic, "Watermelons" (1974)
  • To cut with a sharp knife a bright green watermelon on a big scarlet plate of a summer afternoon. Ah, is this not happiness?
    • Lin Yutang, The Importance of Living (1937), "Chin's Thirty-three Happy Moments", p. 134

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