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Waterloo (1970 film)

1970 film by Sergei Bondarchuk

Waterloo is a 1970 Soviet-Italian film depicting the 1815 Battle of Waterloo and its preliminary events. It was directed by Sergei Bondarchuk and produced by Dino De Laurentiis.


Field Marshall Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of WellingtonEdit

  • [to a trumpeter, trying fruitlessly to recall the British cavalry] Stop that useless noise...! You'll hurt yourself.
  • Give me night, or give me Blücher.
  • Next to a battle lost, there's nothing so melancholy as a battle won.

Emperor Napoleon I of FranceEdit

  • I can't believe my ears. You all stand before me, waving a piece of paper, crying 'abdicate, abdicate!' I WILL NOT! I WILL NOT, NOT, NOT!
  • I am France, and France is me!
  • I've been in this position before at the Battle of Marengo. I lost the battle at five o'clock, but I won it back again at seven!

Field Marshal Gebhard von BlücherEdit

  • [launching his attack on the French right] Raise high the black flags, children. No pity. No prisoners. I'll shoot any man I see with pity in him. Forward!

Marshall Michel NeyEdit

  • [attempting to rally the Imperial Guard] Up to them. Up to them! Do I fight alone? Are you French? Fight with me! Are you the Guard? Stand with me! Do you know me? I am Ney! Ney, Marshall of France!


British artillery commander: Sir, Napoleon has ventured within range. May I have your permission to try a shot?
Wellington: [stares at him a moment] Certainly not! Leaders of armies have better things to do than fire at each other.

[after a cannon shot has landed near the Duke of Wellington and the Earl of Uxbridge]
Uxbridge: By God sir, I've lost my leg.
Wellington: By God sir, so you have.


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