Warren Gulley

American military non-commissioned officer (NCO)

Warren "Bill" Gulley (16 November 1922 - 24 February 2012) was a United States Marine who later served as director of the White House Military Office under U.S. presidents Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter.

Quotes edit

  • In the White House, you never worry about the law. I never worried about the law, about breaking the law. This never entered my mind, and I doubt it ever entered the minds of people who asked me to do things - maybe for a little bit after Nixon resigned, but it evaporated almost immediately. My thinking was, if the President wants it done, it's right. I never questioned it. It never occurred to me that some sheriff might show up someday with a warrant.
    • Gulley, Bill (1980). Breaking Cover. Simon and Schuster. pp. 21, 25. ISBN 0671245481. 
  • I learned a long time ago never to press where there's something you want to know. Show little interest in the subject, never ask questions, don't make people start asking themselves why you want to know. That way, sooner or later, you'll find out.

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