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War of the Worlds (TV series)

For other uses, see The War of the Worlds (disambiguation).

War of the Worlds was a short-lived (1988-1990) television series serving as a sequel to the 1953 film.

[First season's opening narration]
Harrison: In 1953, Earth experienced a War of the Worlds. Common bacteria stopped the aliens, but it didn't kill them. Instead, the aliens lapsed into a state of deep hibernation. Now the aliens have been resurrected, more terrifying than before. In 1953, the aliens started taking over the world; today, they're taking over our bodies!

To Life Immortal.
- repeated alien line

Advocate #3: Without the guidance of the Council, we are nothing. We must make contact.
Advocate #1: Agreed. Once the Council is aware of our plight, it will know how to proceed.
Advocate #2: Their equipment is primitive.
Advocate #1: But adequate if properly refined.

Harrison: What would you say if I told you that Earth was being invaded by aliens from another planet?

Harrison: My point is that although the bacteria stopped the aliens, I don't think it killed them!

Suzanne: And now you're saying aliens, hundreds of them, are loose?
Harrison: Yes.
Suzanne: You're nuttier than I thought.
Harrison: But that doesn't make me wrong! At least let me show you some proof!

Quinn: To Life Immortal...sucker.

Ironhorse: Wolfjaw, Montana. That's Indian Territory.
Harrison: It looks like we got aliens moving into the neighborhood. Let's go.
Ironhorse: Great. First the white man, now aliens.

Harrison: Quinn, if you have any information about aliens, tell me.
Quinn: Oh, I'll tell you, Harry, but just about one. I'll tell you all about one who did not fall to the bacteria in the great invasion, one who was stranded alone 35 long, lonely years on a hostile alien planet... called Earth.
Harrison: You're an alien.
Quinn: Oh, no, Harry. You're the alien.

General Wilson: (upon seeing melted alien remains) They sure don't die very pretty, do they?

Harrison: General, if you shut us down now, you're going to be repeating the same mistake that was made 35 years ago!
General Wilson: On the contrary...the aliens are finished. And now, I suggest that you all get on with the rest of your lives.

Scott: You're finished now.
Teen Queen: I am? I thought a perm took a whole hour.
Scott: Not anymore. We don't have time.
Teen Queen: I hate it. What are you gonna do with this?
Scott: [he holds up a small saw] How about a little off the top?

Marcus Madison Mason: We all have to die... sometime.

Scientist: Our analysis indicates - the high level of radiation needed to protect us from the indigenous bacteria of this planet causes our metabolisms to heat to dangerous levels.
Advocate #1: Our scientists seem to have a firm grasp on the obvious. Tell us something we don't already know!
Advocate #2: Isn't there anything you can do to disperse the heat?
Scientist: We are doing our best, Advocate. As you have seen, the treatments are slowing the degeneration process.
Advocate #3: But not reversing it.
Scientist: Unfortunately not. This planet's natural resources contain different elements than those on our planet.
Advocate #2: The lower classes are all alike. Excuses for every shortcoming!
Scientist: Advocate, it takes time for a species to adapt to a new environment.
Advocate #2: We don't have time! In our weakened state, our invasion will fail.
Advocate #3: As it is, we are already too weak to separate from this decaying flesh.
Scientist: Perhaps if you sought the guidance of the Council--
Advocate #1: No! Our leaders must be protected from such negative news. They must hear only of victory!
Advocate #3: Since your medicines have proven inadequate, you will find a more effective method of dealing with this killing heat.
Advocate #2: Solutions, not excuses!
Scientist: As you wish, Advocate.
Advocacy: As we order, scientist!

Syliva Van Buren: I told them the aliens would be back and they didn't believe me. They said I was insane. So they hooked electrodes up to my brain until I couldn't even remember my name. Bzz! Bzz! Bzz!

Harrison: Can you enhance this image digitally?
Norton: Does a computer download in the woods?

Suzanne: Why do they have to mutilate people?
Harrison: Because it's war, Suzanne.
Ironhorse: And we're the enemy.

Harrison: Norton, I have a...
Norton: Green floating weirdness?
Harrison: Green floating weirdness.

Advocate #3: For once, everything is proceeding according to plan.
Advocate #2: Yes, with new human hosts arriving every hour.
Advocate #1: These pathetic earthlings have even less intelligence than our own planet's vegetation!
Advocate #2: Our own planet. If only we could see it one last time...
Advocate #3: Erase those thoughts from your mind, comrade. Our planet is already well into its final death rattle.
Advocate #1: You must remember that this planet is our home now.
Advocate #3: As it will be home to those on the way. Our colonists are relying upon us to be strong.
Advocate #1: The three of us.
Advocate #2: Of course. I must remember to deal with what is, not with what might have been. I appreciate your patience, comrades. My lapse will not be repeated.

Harv: (possessed) It's useless for you to resist.
Norton: Oh, is it?
Harv: You can never win.
Flannery: You were beaten at Grover's Mill once. It'll happen again.

Advocate #3: Why is it the lower classes cannot think for themselves?
Advocate #1: Our job is to think; their job is to do. We must never confuse the two.

Advocate #1: Is it just me, comrades, or do the complexities of our invasion grow more and more tangled at every step?
Advocate #3: No one ever said war was easy.

Advocate #2: We can rely on the self-destructive nature of the primitives.
Advocate #3: It is our greatest ally.
Advocate #1: And our greatest enemy. (beat) This is truly a filthy place.

Harrison: I can see the light at the end of the tunnel - pardon the pun.

Harrison: (brainwashed) When will we face the truth? We've got to stop hurting the aliens!
Ironhorse: Hurting the aliens?! I don't remember invading their planet!
Harrison: It's not an invasion! Didn't I tell you that? It's self-defense!
Norton: Then were the aliens justified in killing your mother and father?

Advocate #2: Watching television has paid off again.
Advocate #3: But it takes its toll. Softens the brain.

Harrison: What's that explosion?
Quinn: Why do you think they call them trap doors?

Harrison: Why are we running from your own kind, Quinn?
Quinn: Because I want to live. I've gotten rather used to the idea in a very human way.
Harrison: Half alien, half human?
Quinn: Yes, and half crazy from living in this zoo you call society. Inside this primitive host's body is the secret of alien immunity to bacteria on this filthy planet.
Harrison: You're the exception to the rule.

[Martin takes out a shotgun.]
Ironhorse: What the hell are you going to do?
Martin Cole: What the Bible tells me to.

Quinn: Just 'cause Mozart had a funny laugh don't mean you can play the piano, wise guy.

Suzanne: (looking over a dead body) He must have seen something pretty awful before he went.
Coroner: Maybe we all do.

Suzanne: Norton and I really can't do much more until we have free access to their complete lab workout.
Harrison: Unless...
Norton: Ah, the tone of voice, the incomplete sentence, the deep hidden meaning we've all been waiting for.
Harrison: Do you realize, oh, insightful one, that less enlightened individuals consider unauthorized access to police databanks highly unethical?
Ironhorse: Some might even consider it illegal.
Suzanne: Oh, and rude.
Norton: Oh, stop already. You've convinced me.

[Second season's opening narration]
Unseen news reporter: There's rioting breaking out through the city. Fire is continuing to burn everywhere. Troops are shooting people. My God, I...I don't know why! There's a woman dying in front of me, and no one's helping her! There are conflicting reports about who or what started the chaos. Will someone tell me what's happening? This is madness! What is this world coming to?

Malzor: Morthrai is not a place; it's an idea.

Malzor: The Eternal has spoken. We now know the mission and the punishment for failure. We must purify this planet.

Malzor: You have failed the Morthren race. You have failed the Eternal. You are condemned to darkness. The Eternal casts you out.

Ironhorse Clone: You won't leave, will you? You'll stay and die because you won't leave one child behind. That's why we'll win.
Harrison: That's why you'll lose.

Ironhorse Clone: I am Ironhorse. There is no other.
Ironhorse: You are wrong.
Ironhorse Clone: Good, brother. Now we'll both die together.

Major castEdit

  • Jared Martin as Dr. Harrison Blackwood
  • Lynda Mason Green as Dr. Suzanne McCullough
  • Philip Akin as Norton Drake (Season 1)
  • Richard Chaves as Lt. Colonel Paul Ironhorse (Season 1)
  • Adrian Paul as John Kincaid (Season 2)

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