War of the Colossal Beast

1958 film by Bert I. Gordon

War of the Colossal Beast is a 1958 film about a man believed dead after falling from the Hoover Dam, who reemerges in rural Mexico, brain damaged, disfigured.

Directed by Bert I. Gordon. Written by George Worthing Yates.
The towering terror from hell!  (taglines)

Maj. Mark BairdEdit

  • How do you reason with a 60 foot giant?
  • Can't you find us some warehouse to keep him in temporarily?


  • Dr. Carmichael:: There's nothing in our directives about a 60 foot giant!
  • Sgt. Luis Murillo: Giants can run fast. They have long legs.


Dr. Carmichael: The foot that made that print is about ten times the size of a normal man's. That would make him about sixty feet tall.
Joyce Manning: Glenn was sixty feet tall!

Joyce Manning: Do you know what it's like, just sitting around waiting for news?
Maj. Mark Baird: You mind if I suggest a remedy? It's an old one , but it usually works. Find something else to occupy your mind. Do you have a job?
Joyce Manning: I write copy for an advertising agency.
Maj. Mark Baird: Now that should help you forget your troubles.
Joyce Manning: I can imagine myself going back to write all those tired old adjectives: "Tremendous," "Gigantic," "Colossal!" You know what they'd mean to me now, don't you? Glenn! A colossal freak, Major, and he's my brother!


  • The towering terror from hell!


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