Wahbi Al-Hariri

Syrian American artist, architect, archaeologist, and author

Wahbi Al-Hariri-Rifai (19141994) was a distinguished Syrian American artist, archaeologist, and architect.

Wahbi al-Hariri-Rifai, 1991


  • When a man's work is full of life and in harmony with his environment, it becomes a work worth studying.
  • After working with oil, pastel, and watercolors, I have intentionally returned to working with graphite. It is the most challenging mode of expression to master
  • I caught a glimpse of sun rays filtering through a window, thus lighting up a portion of this magnificent building. I was racing against the sun, desperately trying to finish my sketch before the light disappeared. I knew I had only an hour and a half before sunset.
  • After I finished my books, I felt I had to do another one and I thought that if I were to choose a subject, it had to be mosques.
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