W. W. Bartley, III

20th-century American philosopher

William Warren Bartley III (October 2, 1934 – February 5, 1990), known as W.W. Bartley, III, was an American philosopher.

Quotes about Bartley

  • I met Bartley through David Theroux, the President of the Pacific Research Institute. Bartley and I then discussed Bartley’s Hayek projects on several occasions at his house in the Oakland Hills and at Stanford. I was very impressed by his command of the philosophy of science, but he had little background in economics. On a table at his house he had a copy of James Gwartney and Richard Stroup’s (1982) Economics: Private and Public Choice – an introductory textbook (which he was reading because he had scant knowledge of the subject). Bartley expressed an interest in having me assist him in an unspecified capacity.
    • Gregory Christainsen, "Some Recollections of Hayek and Bill Bartley", published in Robert Leeson (ed.), Hayek: A Collaborative Biography Part V, Hayek's Great Society of Free Men (2015)
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