Voodoo Island

1957 film by Reginald Le Borg

Voodoo Island is a 1957 film about a wealthy industrialist who hires a renowned hoax-buster to prove that an island he plans to develop isn't cursed.

Directed by Reginald Le Borg. Written by Richard H. Landau.
They Came Seeking Paradise ... but Found a Garden of EVIL!  (taglines)


Howard Carlton: Knight, I'm a God-fearing man. Something happened here... to him. I don't want to think why.
Phillip Knight: Are you trying to tell me that he's under the spell of some ouanga? A hex?
Howard Carlton: All right. Go there. Find out. I'd welcome it.
Phillip Knight: When I take hold of something, I don't let go.

Matthew Gunn: I haven't been close to a woman for a long time.
Claire Winter: Let's keep it that way, shall we? You stay out of my world and I'll stay out of yours.
Matthew Gunn: That wasn't my idea.
Claire Winter: It was mine.
Matthew Gunn: What is your world?
Claire Winter: Very private, Mr. Gunn. Very exclusive.
Matthew Gunn: And very special too.
Claire Winter: VERY special.

Claire Winter: Give me a cigarette, will you, Gunn?
Matthew Gunn: Sure.
Claire Winter: Now drop dead.
Matthew Gunn: Any time you say. You make it sound exciting.


  • SEE! Men Turned Into Zombies! SEE! Woman-Eating Cobra Plants! SEE! Strange Voodoo Rituals! SEE! The Bridge Of Death!
  • Death never takes a holiday.
  • They Came Seeking Paradise ... but Found a Garden of EVIL!
  • The weird jungle of cobra plants that feed on women—and rip men apart!


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