Vittorio Feltri

Italian journalist

Vittorio Feltri is the Editor in Chief of Il Giornale newspaper.

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  • On 2011 Norway attacks Since the massacre was consumed in 30 minutes, however, one cannot help but wonder why the murderer was not at all opposed by the group of people he was slaughtering. Let's reason. Five, six, seven, ten, fifteen people, all unarmed, are not able to defeat even a single enemy, if that man is using firearms. But 50 - and on the island there were ten times that number - if they throw themselves together at the enemy - some will be mown down for sure, but only a few, and those that would otherwise remain unscathed (say 30 or 40) have the possibility to tear him to pieces with their bare hands. [...] But it's amazing how, in certain circumstances, everyone is only looking to save himself, hoping to survive, instead of adopting the oldest (and most effective) tactic in the world: unity makes strength. [...] Apparently mankind doesn't have (or may have lost over the centuries) the habit and ability to fight for their community. Selfishness and egotism prevail. Man is no longer able to identify with others and to sacrifice himself for them, maybe convinced that others wouldn't sacrifice themselves for him.

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