1995 film directed by Brett Leonard

Virtuosity is a 1995 American techno-thriller film directed by Brett Leonard and starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. The movie tells the story of a virtual villain's successful attempt to escape into the "real world".

SID 6.7

  • I'm a 50 terabyte, self-evolving, neural network, double backflip off the high platform. I'm not a swan dive.
  • Just because I'm carrying around the joy of killing your family inside me doesn't mean we can't be friends.
  • Hey, buddy! How's the wife and kid? Still dead, huh?
  • Uh-uh-uh. I thought of that one. Better try again... Faster.
  • Ahhh... I'm losing too much of myself.
  • They love you so much, they want you dead... Ed.
  • Hey Parker, this one's for you!
    • SID reciting the catch phrase of Matthew Grimes, one of the killers his composite mind is based on, who used to use the same line to taunt Parker.


  • Where's my gun?
  • Reach in the back seat and hand me that crowd-pleaser.
  • Game over.


  • While officers gather evidence of the grisly crime scene, you can only ask yourselves, "What kind of lunatic would commit such unthinkable crimes?" The three adjectives which best describe this killer are sadistic, intelligent and dangerous.
    • Hologram


Lindenmeyer: Oh my God.
SID 6.7: Which God would that be? The one who created you? Or the one who created me? You see, in your world, the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh, but in my world, the one who gave me life doesn't have any balls. You are frightfully inadequate of a diety, Daryl. I will not be shut down.

Clyde: Sheila?
SID 6.7: No. I'm Oedipus.

Quotes about Virtuosity

  • Mr. Washington is usually an actor audiences will follow to any dimension. But here his role is limited, too often leaving him playing second fiddle to this film's weirdly hypnotic special effects. Mr. Crowe, as a psychotic yuppie type bearing a disconcerting resemblance to the writer Bret Easton Ellis, does a memorable job of making himself frightening until the film becomes numbingly frantic, in the manner of many video games. While it excoriates the vicious Sid as the techno-spawn of monsters like Adolf Hitler and John Wayne Gacy, "Virtuosity" also revels in his exploits with more enthusiasm than is really necessary.
    • Janet Maslin, in "Villainy by Computer" in The New York Times (4 August 1995)
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