Village of the Giants

1965 film by Bert I. Gordon

Village of the Giants is a 1965 film about teenage delinquents who ingest a substance that turns them into giants and enables them take over a small town.

Directed by Bert I. Gordon. Written by Alan Caillou.
Teen-Agers Zoom to Supersize And Terrorize a Town!  (taglines)


Genius: They got it. One of them ran off with it. I was going to stop him, but...
Nancy: But what?
Genius: Reasons of pure logic. He was bigger than me.

Pete: Now maybe it won't be so easy for them to kick us around anymore!
Elsa: Them?
Pete: The adults, honey! This isn't there world anymore, it's gonna be ours!


  • Teen-Agers Zoom to Supersize And Terrorize a Town!
  • It's what happens when their sounds, their dances, their loves, their rebellions explode - 30 feet tall!


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