Gahadavala king

Vijaya-chandra (IAST: Vijayacandra, r. c. 1155-1169 CE) was an Indian king from the Gahadavala dynasty. He ruled the Antarvedi country in the Gangetic plains, which includes a major part of the present-day eastern Uttar Pradesh, including Varanasi. He probably also ruled some parts of western Bihar through his feudatories. He is believed to have repulsed a Ghaznavid invasion.


  • He swept away the affliction of the globe by the streams (of water flowing as) from clouds from the eyes of the wives of Hammira, the abode of wanton destruction to the earth.
    • Benares copper plate grant of Jayachandra Gahadavala inscription. quoted in Misra, R. G. (2005). Indian resistance to early Muslim invaders up to 1206 A.D. p.79
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