Vertical Limit

2000 film directed by Martin Campbell

Vertical Limit is a 2000 American action thriller film about a rescue party sent to retrieve a lost group of climbers stranded on K2.

Directed by Martin Campbell. Written by Robert King and Terry Hayes.
This December. Fear will Fall. Courage will Rise. taglines

Elliot Vaughn edit

  • Intelligence doesn't threaten me. Stupidity does.

Montgomery Wick edit

  • [to Peter] You did the right thing in cutting the rope. Any good climber woud've. If Royce had had the knife, hed've done it himself.

Others edit

  • Colonel Amir Salim: National Geographic is always welcome. They're the only Westerners who ever come to Pakistan without wanting to conquer something.
  • Major Rasul: You must try the tea, its very good. Indian of course. We may be at war with them, but there's no point in overreacting. Their tea's the best.
  • Kareem Nazir: All men die, my friend. But Allah says its what we do before we die, that counts.

Dialogue edit

Peter: So when are you leaving?
Annie: Early tomorrow morning. We want to be summiting by 2 O'Clock Wednesday.
Peter: And what does the mountain say about that? I mean I always thought you laid siege to it, kinda made a run at it when you could. I didn't know you could schedule it.

Wick: Who's the leader, Mr. Vaughn? Who makes decisions on the mountain that mean other people live or die? Who plays God, so to speak?
Elliot: There can only be one leader. It's always the best climber. In this case I've made it clear to everyone Tom McLaren is that man.

Elliot: We can't waste resources on a lost cause.
Annie: Saving somebody's life is not a lost cause.
Elliot: It is if you know they can't be saved. Why should three people die, if two can live?

Annie: That was a hell of a thing you did up there. Anybody else would have given up.
Peter: Not everybody.
Annie: [referring to their father] He'd be proud of you. Angry, but really proud.

Cast edit

Taglines edit

  • This December. Fear will Fall. Courage will Rise.
  • Hold Your Breath
  • The Mountain Will Decide

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