Vasco Rossi

Italian singer-songwriter (1952-)

Vasco Rossi (born 1952) is an Italian rockstar.

Song lyricsEdit

  • "Songs are like flowers / they come up spontaneously / they are like dreams / and we only have to / write them quickly / because then they fade away / and we will not remember them"'
    • (from Una canzone per te, 1983)
  • "Take God here / I have to talk to him / I want to tell him / about a life I have lived / and which I haven't understood / what it has been worth living / what has changed / or better / what have I earned?"
    • from Portatemi Dio, 1983)
  • "What I wouldn't give / to live a fable!"
    (from Vivere una favola, 1988)
  • "Better to die because of you, rather than dying still!"
    (from Domani si adesso no, 1985)
  • "Imagine that it is always Sunday / you always free / and your mother less nevrotic"
    (from T'immagini, 1988)
  • "I don't sit here / I want to live above / I want to live just once!"
    (from Brava Giulia, 1987)
  • "Life is a shiver that flies away / it's all a balance on madness"
    (from Sally, 1996)
  • "And every time evening comes back..."
    (from Ogni volta, 1982)
  • "Look what nice surprise life is / that someday you wake up and it's over / and it will never come back again"
    (from Ci Credi, 1993)
  • "But if armies turn / an heroes disappear / if it's us now / who start making war / don't smile, the shoots above / are for you!"
    (from Gli Spari Sopra, 1993)
  • "Stars in the sky / and dreams are few / the ones who come true"
    (from Ridere di te, 1987)
  • "And... / If you need me / and can't find me / search for me in a dream"
    (from E..., 2004)

Siamo solo noi (1981)Edit

  • "It's only us... / Generation of upset people / Without Saints or Heroes... / It's only us...
    • (from Siamo solo noi, 1981)
  • "Yeah, it's me / three different men / one it's not me / the other ones are lost..."
    (from Senorita, 2004)
  • "And life goes on / even without us / who are far by now"
    (da Anima Fragile, 1980)
  • "When you reach the bottom / you'll go up / you'll come up / or you won't come anymore"
    (from Che cosa c'è, 1985)
  • "Thank Heaven who gave us the woman!"
    (concert in Florence, june 2005)
  • "And now that I've arrived here thanks to my dreams / what should I do with reality? / And now that I don't even have my illusions / I don't even care about truth". (from E adesso tocca a me, 2008)

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