Vanessa Gounden


Vanessa Gounden (born in 1961) is South Africa's first female mining magnate and a successful female entrepreneur, whose business interest span healthcare services, financial services and lifestyle and leisure. She served in the ANC administration during the 1990s.


  • I'm inspired by what's not been done before - bringing together fashion and original art.

GLAMOUR Women in Charge: Vanessa Gounden (2021)Edit

GLAMOUR Women in Charge: Vanessa Gounden ( 9 April 2021) by Nontando Mpuso retrieved 16 July 2022

  • Nothing great ever happens in your comfort zone.
  • Authenticity goes a long way, so keep being yourself and your art will speak for itself.
  • The glass is either full or half empty. It’s all about your perception of life.
  • Impossible is nothing.

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