Vampire Knight

Japanese manga series

Vampire Knight is a manga by Matsuri Hino of the fantasy genre that takes place in an alternate reality in which vampires and humans are in a constant state of conflict, except on the campus of cross academy where Headmaster Cross is trying to allow the two species to peacefully coexist.



Yuki Cross

  • I didn't understand anything. Zero suffered and suffered for four years. What were you thinking, all by yourself? He loathes vampires so much, he wants to kill them all. All this time, Zero wanted to kill himself too.
  • I long for him.... but I understand. There's a line that vampires and humans can't cross.
  • Being like this makes me feel like we've returned to the old days somewhat. Yeah. Zero is Zero. Even if you are a vampire now.
  • Both of us understand, but neither of us will say it. It's a sin to keep a vampire alive by offering my own blood as bait. We are doing something that is forbidden. No one must find out about this.
  • Kaname-sama.... I love you! I love you! You are the begining of my world and everything in that world. So even if I couldn't remember my past, I wasn't scared.
  • I will do anything if it´s for Kaname-sama.
  • A glimpse of what I saw earlier was something that was so distant from me. For Kaname-sama.... And yet right now, this man is lying here in my arms. It´s such a strange feeling.
  • The world is dyed with the color of blood. It will never be able to go back to the way it was before
  • I will keep running away so Zero has a reason to live.

Zero Kiryu

  • The Headmaster talks about the Night Class like they're good vampires who support his pacifism, but I don't trust them. I won't let my guard down. I'm cooperating so I can find the most effective way to kill those beasts in human form.
  • Come on vampires. I've been pissed off lately.
  • I want you to use this.... when I go berserk, Yuki.
  • You heard it too? The sound of your blood being sucked in by me. After such a hair-raising experience you can't act as if nothing has changed. So don't interfere anymore.
  • I couldn't stop myself from devouring you. I may kill the next human I target as my prey. Shoot me. You're afraid of me, aren't you? Hold the gun with both hands, and aim straight. Aim for my heart. It's not a crime to kill a vampire.
  • I borrowed it from the Headmaster. It's a gun to use against vampires. If I lose the human part of me, and go mad as a vampire... shoot me with that gun. Not yet, but that day will eventually come. Kill me by your own hand then.
  • Former humans eventually fall into the Level E category, Yuuki. They gradually lose their sanity, reaching their "end" - their destruction.
  • Yuuki... I won't run away anymore, so don't cry.
  • Because Yuuki was there, I might have been able to live on...
  • I want these gentle hands, and this kind smile, even though I should not want such a thing.
  • But you thought it would be okay to become a vampire, right? I will never let you turn into something like that. Even if it means I have to make Kaname Kuran my enemy...and even if it means you will hate me...
  • Having to deal with you all running around screaming "kya kya, kya kya" every damn day...
  • She's not small. In my heart, her existence isn't small.
  • Siblings?
  • After we turn around, the next time we see each other, I will kill you.
  • Hey don't pry into me

Kaname Kuran

  • You're a disgrace to all vampires.
  • You can eat those. I'm fine with this one.(after having received Yuuki's chocolates)
  • Headmaster Cross, how much longer are you going to keep Zero in the Day Class? That time is approaching for him.
  • A human bitten by pureblood vampires turn into vampires themselves. When that happens, there can be only one of two results, Their blood becomes toxic and die, or slowly suffering the pain of transforming into a vampire. Other vampires don't possess this dark power that purebloods have. I respect his strength of will, he was only a human, yet he resisted the powerful vampire instinct for four years.
  • You have been reduced to a bloodthirsty beast, Zero Kiryuu.
  • You devoured her mercilessly. She can't even stand up. Was Yuuki's blood delicious?
  • The blood has stopped flowing, but the puncture wounds... he really pierced you deeply. Yuuki... does it hurt? ...Are you afraid of vampires now?
  • It's all right. You be just the way you are, Yuuki. You're different from the Night Class students who wait on me... You're a warm-hearted girl, Yuuki. That's more than enough.
  • Yuuki, I can't keep my composure when my dear girl has been pierced by someone else.
  • Yuuki is my dear girl. The only one in the entire world.
  • Yuuki. This is the safest place for you to be.
  • Humans should never be turned into vampires. But in the old days, hidden from history, when the war between vampires and vampire hunters was at its peak, vampires turned many humans into vampires to use in battle. And now the aristocrats have the duty to manage those survivors. Sometimes we have to kill them off...
  • It's all right, for now. Yuuki will eventually come to me.
  • Yuuki... You make me cruel.
  • Do you want to become a vampire, Yuuki? Become a blood sucking monster like for my side?
  • I´ve never told straight out...but you already know, don´t you Yuuki? I love you more than anything in the world...
  • Are you sure? Even if the hidden truth is drenched in blood...Do you still want to know...? (to Yuuki)
  • You're the only person who've given me warmth...I've been afraid that you would hate me if you knew the truth
  • You will never be betrayed.
  • Yuuki is... the beloved daughter that Haruka and Juuri protected in secret and... the one born to become my wife. If Yuuki still desires it...
  • What is beautiful is not the world, but your beautiful eyes that embraces it.

Headmaster Cross



  • I want to put an end to the war between humans and vampires-- a war that has been continuing in the darkness of history since ancient times! I want the young vampires, with their natural intelligence and unfettered hearts, to become a bridge between the two species!! I'm educating them for that purpose! That is why I created the Night Class!
  • His and my passionate oath~~! (Reffering to Yagari+Zero)
  • I still think about protecting you two...even if it's considered as an act of taboo by "humans".
  • I wish to erase the past but i have killed to many vampires to let that happen.
  • [After Touga tells Kaien about his apron] Eh? But its adorable!

Hanabusa Aido

  • Hey, what's your blood type?
  • The nice smell is your blood, Yuuki.
  • Yuuki, who made those wounds in your neck? In our classroom the night before last, we suddenly smelt blood, we were surprised. I was the only one who noticed right away that it was your blood.

(while walking out of the dorms towards a crowd of girls) "BANG!"

  • [After Kain asks him if he getting slapped by Kaname was worth thinking about Yuuki's blood] Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up!!
  • [After Kaname breaks the chandelier] I have found another treasure~



Headmaster Cross: I couldn't tell you the truth before. You must be surprised about what happened. I'm sorry Yuuki.
Yuuki Cross: I never thought Zero might be a vampire. All this time...
Headmaster Cross: Yes. He was human, until four years ago when a vampire attacked the Kiryuu family. Zero barely survived.

Hanabusa Aido: This is really pissing me off... What are you to Kaname, Yuuki? Why does Kaname-sama care about you so much?
Yuuki Cross: Kaname saved my life ten years ago from a vampire who had gone berserk.
Hanabusa Aido : What? I didn't know that. Then Yuuki, you should offer Kaname-sama every drop of blood in your body in return.
Yuuki Cross: My Blood?
Hanabusa Aido : Yes... Your blood belongs to Kaname-sama now. But those puncture wounds aren't from Kaname-sama, are they? Don't give your blood to anyone else anymore... including me. Someday Kaname-sama's lips will gently brush your neck, and his fangs will sink slowly into you... If you heard the sound of Kaname-sama taking in your blood you'd be in ecstasy, Yuuki. You should offer yourself to Kaname-sama, plead to him, "Please drink my blood."
Kaname Kuran : Hanabusa. That's enough.

Zero Kiryuu: You still can't go outside the school grounds alone!!!
Yuuki Cross: ... I can!
Zero Kiryuu: I know you're afraid to. If you go outside the school you remember, don't you... that not all vampires are "well-behaved" like Kaname Kuran
Yuuki Cross: Shut up! I'm not afraid of what happened ten years ago.

Zero Kiryuu:It is the vampire hunter's duty to kill vampires
Kaname Kuran: Then why didn't you kill him first? perhaps, Kiryuu, you sympathized with him?

Kaname Kuran:It would be a problem if you die now. I've let you live this far because you've been useful to Yuuki, and I know that you would never betray her.
Zero Kiryuu: Just like you, deciding things for me...
Kaname Kuran:Because my feelings for Yuki are probably the same as yours.
Zero Kiryuu:...I...just want Yuuki to be able to laugh from her heart.
Kaname Kuran:As do I.
Zero Kiryuu: There is no need for her to sacrifice anything.
Kaname Kuran:That is correct.

Kaname Kuran: You're the only person who've given me warmth...I've been afraid that you would hate me if you knew the truth
Yuuki Cross: ...I would never hate you.
Kaname Kuran: Then prove it...Become my lover?

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