in Norse mythology enormous hall located in Asgard

In Norse mythology, Valhalla (from Old Norse: Valhǫll "hall of the slain") is a majestic, enormous hall located in Asgard, ruled over by the god Odin. Half of those who die in combat travel to Valhalla upon death, led by valkyries to be with Odin, while the other half gets chosen by the goddess Freyja for the field Fólkvangr. In Valhalla, the dead warriors join the masses of those killed in combat (known as the Einherjar) and various legendary Germanic heroes and kings, as they prepare to aid Odin during the events of Ragnarök.

Valhalla (1896) by Max Brückner


  • Behold ! Valhalla proudly shrouds,
    Her towers in the ambient clouds:
    Five hundred portals grace the side,
    With forty more unfolding wide.
    Thro' ev'ry gate in war array,
    With banners streaming to the day,
    Eight hundred warriors passage find,
    When for martial deeds inclin'd.
  • Ah, ah,
    We come from the land of the ice and snow,
    From the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.
    The hammer of the gods, we'll drive our ships to new lands,
    To fight the horde, singing and crying: Valhalla, I am coming!
    On we sweep with threshing oar,
    Our only goal will be the western shore.

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