Valentine Chirol

British journalist, writer, historian and diplomat (1852-1929)

Sir Ignatius Valentine Chirol (28 May 1852 – 22 October 1929) was a British journalist, prolific author, historian and diplomat.

Sir Ignatius Valentine Chirol by John Collier


  • It is hardly surprising that Englishmen would exploit the situation and seek by every means to keep up, if not aggravate, the differences between the Hindus and Muslims. Sir Valentine Chirol’s book, Indian Unrest, published in 1910, serves as an example par excellence of this mentality. “It would be an evil day”, he says, “if the Muhammadans came to believe that they could only trust to their own right hand and no longer to the authority and sense of justice of the British Raj, to avert the dangers which they foresee in the future from the establishment of an overt or covert Hindu ascendancy.’
    • Valentine Chirol quoted in RC Majumdar, ed., Volume 11: Struggle for Freedom [1905-1947] 151 ff
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